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  1. Application liked by Lucien -> application denied.
  2. Where's my Qilin price reduction?
  3. I should go check my IQ for a raise after this enlightening discussion with you.
  4. If you care to provide a criteria, namely what I'm crying about, I'll evaluate the situation to determine how to provide an accurate response.
  5. You’re the only cop we see reliably get snipes from Telos. That isn’t to say other cops don’t go there, just that they’re generally terrible shots.
  6. Animations will not end at the correct time. I don't even buy demo charges when doing a fed anymore because I risk a 50% chance that once the channel ability is completed, my character's animation will not end and I'll just be standing still next to the door where the grenade at, casually still in the "planting" animation, before blowing up since I can't run away. This problem has also been known to occur when finishing revives, cancelling revives, or cancelling hacks/ demos. Repairs and bloodbags are somewhat more reliable, so I'm not sure what's different about those. EDIT: Also, I'm considering the fact that the server doesn't tell you when somebody logs into a rebel a fucking bug. It's so aids to completely sweep a rebel top to bottom only to have someone log in directly behind you while you're buying gear with no indication.
  7. If you were a person who wanted to experiment with eating foods other than meat (vegetarian), it is inevitable that you get asked: "why don't you eat meat?" The correct answer of course is, "none of your business, go fuck yourself." This is in contrast to, "You're right, allow me to change my behaviour to conform with your expectations despite the obvious deficits I will run by doing so". And yes, it is a fallacious argument known as an appeal to tradition. Even if you weaseled out of that label, you'd end up under (another fallacious argument) argumentum ad populum. I'm not sure what you're after here. I already agreed that higher ups experience a money sink. I'm now making the case that they can do things to mitigate it that they don't do.
  8. That totally explains why when there are no banks or feds, or active fights with rebels, I see LTs carrying around full gear. Oh wait. /s I'm not talking about carrying around gear from a previous event, I'm talking about when you're all preemptively purchasing it when there are no fights. This is not an argument. It's a fallacy from tradition. Who the hell is complaining that "higher-ups don't pull armor"? Combat-illiterate constables you shouldn't pay mind to? You guys pull them in every situation that requires it and even some that don't. I actually think it's part of the problem. Too often I see LTs treat hunters as though they are Police Ifrits, dropping out solo on rebels and then losing the hunter if they lose the drop. Whatever happened to telling a constable to get in the back and then hop in driver if a drop fails to save and re-use the Hunter?
  9. I've generally held that staff members end up with a large money sink, but I've also assumed parts of that are their own fault. There is no reason to pull expensive gear when cruising around the island and walking around Pyrgos square. It's unnecessary. As a poor analogy, when I'm on cop you don't see me buying an MX every life like I see higher ups pulling out larger weapons or Coveralls. I buy an MX when I know there are are rebels nearby, or if I'm responding to a bank/ fed. And I don't pull one out if there are higher ups or other people with MXs on. Generally when I buy an MX, I don't behave as though I have a spar. I behave much more similarly to a civ, staying at a medium range and sniping without getting sniped. Unless you're pulling a Rodrigo and sniping from Telos for the duration of the Fed, there is no reason for ANY cop to get a better weapon. It's so close range that the Spar handles it just fine, especially with the proximity with which you can respawn and return. And yet, I see full loadouts at feds all the time. So while I agree higher-ups do have a money sink, I imagine that can at least be partially mitigated by conscientiousness. Your average constable on the other hand has basically no excuse - free loadouts.
  10. That doesn't address this in any way.
  11. With a man of your playtime, we both know this is a minority case and the player counts do not look like that consistently. The entire catalyst of this discussion was that there were too many cops trying to log in for the slots to handle.
  12. They were a super gang with infinite numbers that had the power of Thanos camping Meth cartel when the server died. It took entirely too long to get them under control. Right now, they're not a super gang with infinite numbers of elite soldiers. The APD is pretty trash all around, heavily carried by just a few good shots and the few people who can pull armour. The problem is the rebels are worse. Rebels are terrible right now. I'm pretty sure we need to sit on our hands until rebels get unwashed/ train some new kids. Then I'm all for a cap raise. When considering balance, I look at any particular fight. I don't say, "There are 6cops v 7bls here, and 8cops v 9recursion there so cops are OP because it's 9 recursion against 14 cops."
  13. It's almost as if people want to sustain fun gameplay with fun gameplay instead of funding their activities with sitting still "gather barley" gameplay. Demand is too low as only a small % of the server actually fights cartels. Not worth development time imo.
  14. In logic, we call that a genetic fallacy. This is the same bad argument that modern feminists make to argue that men are not allowed to have an opinion on abortion, since they don't experience childbirth, or the argument creationists make when they argue your reasoning is flawed because you haven't experienced personally the one true love and divine insight of our holy lord. What, specifically, have I not experienced? Being good enough to contest multiple times my team's numbers? I'll accept the charge for the sake of argument. Suppose I'm shit and everyone else is shit. How the hell are you going to say "you're all shit and we're going to buff your enemies anyway"? How did you get from "You haven't experienced being good" to "Thus we must raise the gang cap for APD"? The server doesn't have civs that are prepared, that are good enough, to fight a larger APD. Until it does, the cap has to stay.
  15. First off, to fail a 20v3 bank defense just stands to demonstrate my point that it’s the APD that needs to train their people if they feel they aren’t winning enough, not asking for a gang cap raise and then blaming the enemy gang for not keeping up with their numbers. Second, you still haven’t addressed my previous comments. You just restated your position without any supporting argumentation. Third, do you expect the entire civ base to “git guud” until they can 4v20+respawns because removing cop cap is going to require civs to do just that. Oh wait, except they won’t because that’s unrealistic and they’ll just go play another game. With such brilliant reasoning skills and private insight, thank god we have people like you helping to guide server development.
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