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  1. this was legit me leaving pygros when you got off aha
  2. so damn close to hitting my heli
  3. in my opinion it was worth it i just love blowing stuff up
  4. you guna buy this all for me yes?
  5. Update: Found out my keyboard has a macro that sets the keystroke rate (x1 x2 x3 x4) fixed it by pressing FN + Q https://www.thesource.ca/download/EN/108036986_Manual.pdf Thanks for all your suggestions and help
  6. Xstream gaming keyboard or something like that, I had this same problem before and it was some kind of keybind i did to fix it but i havnt bin able to find it again. maybe its about time for a new keyboard again
  7. Alright so pretty much I tried a lot of solutions on google but havn't found the solution i fixed it before with. So pretty much my WASD keys when held down start and stop then start again and it makes me look like I am glitching out when walking ingame There was some kind of keybind i was able to fix it with like (example alt tab) or something does anyone know what I am talking about? or a fix for this problem I really wanna continue playing arma
  8. great editing skills bruh 10/10 would join if asylum if I was new and watched this
  9. Dimz


    those comms must be aids
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