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  1. So I would like anything over 50k would help as I need to get more storage for my house and also weapons and also I would use the money for another house possibly for my gang and also to get my hunter back that got stolen anything will help hope you consider dude and sorry to hear about your grandpa dude.
  2. Equipt ain't to bright either as a cop
  3. welcome I have only been on for a month and this is one of the best you will enjoy it.
  4. And then we got charged for trying to arrest him
  5. Oh well we had a medic who had a bounty so me and my group asked him to get out of the car or be downed and he goes u can't arrest me so no and even the cops said we couldn't
  6. I had a cop issue where equipt charged me for having an bounty hunter mx after he took away my license and said it was illegal what a bad cop charging me after u take away my license
  7. You can't arrest medics as a bounty hunter it's a rule apperantly
  8. In-Game Name James Gambino Gang Name (if part of one) Gambinos(not sure now) Guns wanted Katiba Quantity of Each Gun 2 Katibas and 10 rounds of 6.5 please
  9. James Gambino 500k So I can buy a house also share some money with my friend who helped me and as I really need money would appreciate a lot. And also get my hunter I lost. And lately I have just been getting rdmed and I have been on a bad run of form probably losing like 200k gear in last 2 days due to rdmers and I have new plans if I get the money.
  10. Yeah they rarely come on
  11. Lol how often do you play altis
  12. I guess admin gave up on it as well