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  1. Gamers never die, they just ascend to another dimension
  2. 150$ for each barely picked, message me in game for details on drop offs
  3. Maximus009


    I just want to drive around Pygros with Janet tbh
  4. Maximus009

    Barley Business

    I would like to buy 500 barley asap
  5. Maximus009


    We need BH groups, cops can't handle this town on their own.
  6. Hours in Arma 3 https://steamcommunity.com/id/maximus009/ Why would you like to join PMC?: I always dreamed of being a contractor of war, I want to simulate this in arma 3 Age: 31 In Game Name: Maximus Have you been banned before if so what for?: Never Tell us about yourself: I work for a company in Tennessee, that markets products to retailers in major college towns/cities. I want to eventually take gaming to another level by streaming and building with others to add to an already vibrant role-play community. I also like to PvP and enjoy helping others achieve their daily/weekly goals to enjoy their time in the game.
  7. Sounds like an armored truck event like the movie Heat.
  8. this is a good example of why I play arma
  9. Maximus009

    good games

    Ghost Recon Wildlands
  10. Maximus009

    yo wassup

    yeah cops kill gun buyers on sight be careful bro
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