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  1. Savage

    Montage 4

    we heard ur xbox mic n1
  2. Savage

    Asylum #5

    who is this kid n1
  3. Savage

    Prime spotted in Washington?

    cant tell if ur attempting to call them bots or ur just making a joke out of the fact it says prime
  4. Savage

    Montage #2

    i didnt even make a montage lmao
  5. Savage

    Montage #2

    2 minute montage still single alot of singles still alot of back shots this montage is older than me you wiff half ur mag a shit ton stop
  6. Savage

    Montage #2

    this is where u stop talking nice tage cory burger
  7. Savage

    Asylum #4

    ur not good
  8. lmao that shit was funny cause they were saying "U GUYS HAVE NUMBERS" when all they do is have numbers and grow their egos by it *explicit logs 20 on* Parker: YOU GUYS SUCK *gangs team up to wipe their numbers* Parker: YOU GUYS WON CAUSE OF NUMBERS lemmie get a fuckin calculator cause this shit dont add up
  9. Savage

    Actual Best Asylum Players list (poll)

    @Proud @Savage
  10. Savage

    Explicit btw

    Proud (to explicit): How many chromosomes do you have? Explicit: More than you faggot.
  11. Savage

    Asylum #1

    JUKUQ nice tage and also i love cheelens
  12. Savage

    Asylum #3

    im slapping u, coming to ur room now
  13. Savage

    Asylum Montage #9

    Nice montage dad i have bigger biceps than u faggot
  14. Savage

    Community Contest.

    when bada gave us penis's