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  1. Haha, this wasn't even that old. But "Ask me anything" Actually got a laugh out of me again!
  2. Omgg stop whining. Jk I agree cakes. Take it out!
  3. That was actually pretty entertaining. Plus the music wasn't some shitty mumble rap I always end up muting 3 seconds in.
  4. Haha those were the three guys we had just caught at cocaine. Very eventful night.
  5. We had a really fun fight with DS and while the whole video did not save we had 3 people we just caught from cocaine, then 4 bounty hunters attacked us at the fuel station as we were loading DS into the heli! They were extremely chill at the end of it all and we all had tons of laughs!
  6. Found some funny Patriotic medics out in Kavala. http://plays.tv/video/5b62841cdc78ac17bc/patriotic-medics
  7. 1 bot, 2 bots, 3 bots more how many bots do you think we can score?? https://plays.tv/video/5b2a3f9cd4c8a7a056/125k-bust
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