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    o7 boys

    o7 asylum won't ever be the same. Also did you charge back my $40 yet from tism?
  2. Remove everything and allow vehicle on vehicle collisions. If you end up blowing somebody up/killing them you have to provide compensation or you risk being banned. It’s beyond boring chasing somebody around and just hoping they crash when you’ve had so many opportunities to pit maneuver them.
  3. Honestly if the system is similar to what they have on olympus wars would be all throughout the server rather than just with cartels.
  4. csat fatigues with a carrier lite on top rather than the usual fatigues and tac vest. It's being able to use a level 3 vest on top of level 1 full body armor rather than a lvl 1
  5. Try putting every setting on low/off with a 1000-1200 view distance. Having all of the view distance settings in the phone interface at an equal distance might help. If either of those don’t work https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=385577681 check this out
  6. Remove it until war rating is reworked and use it as a reward in a war rating shop
  7. Wouldn’t be the worst thing if drug fields had a 50% chance of spawning at both locations but only during peak hours. More activity for cops and a better chance of making money for civs
  8. Throw s3 up for the weekends and keep s1&s2 24/7
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