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  1. i love when i dont know people but they salty with my name in their mouth <3 +1 , ill gladly take #1 on the hall of shame on a dying server about 200 people play... lmao... if anyone lets anything here affect their mood, you must have some real problems irl
  2. jesus..nice resolution on ur potato set up
  3. i honestly doubt anyone cares besides fsa.
  4. lets get some furniture added! maybe a donation perk? like a dresser for clothing , gun racks for weapons? just a couple small ideas, because the items are already in the game, wouldnt be too hard to whip something together! just an idea to spice up houses... they seem so bland! would be nice to get more interaction with houses! reason to chill in your new trap house! lmao
  5. +1 server 3 is dead. give everyone a week notice to sell their shit, and remove it! put the resources into server 1 and 2!
  6. @Gen. Henry Arnold see what i mean? mod q this kid. he just comments on anything i post. he hops on my instagram, to make fun of my unborn child xD no problem.. but see what i mean? kids obsessed with me .... borderline sexual harassment xD i love how on the forums ur a troll, in game when ur on cop ur liek sucking my dick xD go jerk offf to my instagram more, we all know you love me man
  7. who r u? i clearly u grab a po7 and bang it in kavala... cuz if youve ever been hunting at cartel or rebel? youd know we need a buff yeah were good for banging around kavala or a town..but tryna take a team at cartel with a few other BH ? impossible. if u dont full time bounty hunt like we do, stfu and move on noobs. scared were gunna be even with yah? scared to get fucked up harder by CB ? wouldnt doubt it.
  8. yeah its in discord. stop trying to look for trouble where there is none. and why am i still mod q'd? been over 2 months of me not posting anything that doesnt pertain to asylum. un mod q me. myt reports take days to get accepted, then days more to be answered. along with posts with important questions. jheez. u sit there see kids trolling my posts being autistic...yet im mod q'd? lmao what about casper? chipotle? any of thoes dumbasses who troll anything i post? no mod q? didnt think so . why ? cuz asylum needs players so yall dont care about it aslong as they still play <3
  9. says someone who never bounty hunts. stfu ur not relevant noob.
  10. anyway to make hot keys access the things in your phone? like new bounty? honor? infamy? instead of accessing phone youd hit a button like redgull?
  11. yeah we do. and no they arnt. one kills one downs for 30 secs. easy to say for an officer who has an unlimited amount of back up and free gear. 1v1? maybe but like i said if i roll up to a rebel shop, theres no chance unless theyre just starting to gear xD rpgs, 50's and suivests beat downing weapons xD not to mention smokes, grenades all that shit. we get a blind fold, an mx and some zip ties. lmao
  12. says the one getting upset on a post :/ youre the fool bro..
  13. lets make asylum great again! and since we have noone speaking for the bounty hunters... ill be that person! iv been here for years! (Sadpanda, terry, terry allan, allan thomas) and have taken pride in being a full time bounty hunter! me and my massive gang of bounty hunters feel like we need a change! please balance us with the rebels? thanks for taking the time to read!... 1. some bounties after being dealt with by the police, stay on our bounty list... huge problem because us bounty hunters are arresting people who paid off their bounties! more of a need to do. 2. maybe give us bounty hunters something to work with when raiding a cartel for bounties? or rebel shop? because you roll up and youre sniped with a 7.62, or gunned down with a .50 cal mount. even rpg'd! so my suggestion is, give us one 7.62 downy. make it Over Priced. mx costs 7k? make IT 20 - 25K make it a new honor perk ! make it hard to obtain but possible. 3. make the license cost more like the rebel. i know people say its for beginners but tbh they abuse the crap out of it. grab a downing gun for cheap and never catch a bounty... 4. There needs to be repercussions for downing someone other than your target! maybe even 500$ bounty , just like when you escort a fugitive restrained by police! - Sadpanda of CuddleBuddies
  14. so ur saying rebel is end game.. why do y'all rebel up and sit in kavala killing them civs? either way ur point is invalid and us BH need a boost. if u cant handle it? then practice ur aim. if u cant handle other people being balanced with ur class? u suck at the game and ur scared. pussys