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  1. learn to grow first. :/ i feel bad for those poor plants!
  2. so cool like omg
  3. what ? lmao my bank always has a minimum of 400k in it xD like i say to anyone who asks , i can send screenshots even tho im poor af. idk why its hard to believe :/ heheheh
  4. hahah nice !
  5. bad. sorry
  6. sick af bro <3
  7. hahaha yeah iv shit so many things, xD i wanna shit gun. would be amazing if my butthole could handle that.
  8. just stock up! sotre in ur house, always have wetsuits
  9. well i wasted my time... P.S - I'm homophobic.
  10. cant wait to get errr :D:D:D:D:D
  11. quality so bad, cant even understand whats going on... shit. -1
  12. youre going to hell xD as am i because i cant stop watching... see yah there
  13. noone cares about caring. homo