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  1. was a failure but a fun one hahahaha
  2. read desc. lmao i said iv never played pubg , i hop in some random kids teach me and we win.. xD why so many wanna be trolls? try harder, honestly! did i kill you or something bro? lmaooo never once said i was good ... just my first win after maybe 4 or 5 games
  3. Croatia FTW <3
  4. iv only played a handful of games, maybe 8 all together.. but this one, these dudes teach me what to do and we take the #1 spot! ofc i secure that last kill
  5. thats brutal dude...
  6. bro read fully what i said. and ur not an angel bro... like funyuns said. now hop off it you salty child.
  7. and ur salty af...guy vdms me, i restrain him. how do i keep rdming him? he was replying via chat. told me to type but i use mic and he could clearly hear since he was replying to me lmao.. i havnt played in 2 years , newly back and noone follows the rules so when someone vdms me , hes getting fucked with . and i did it properly. he hit me so theres initiation. he pulls out gun after and points at me, so i shot him first and restrained. took as hostage. the cop scared me so my reation was to trigger. because he came into the random house i was in. there is no locks becaus eits not my house.. i dont have one of my own and my gangs isnt in kavala square. so why would he come there? either way im newly back dont know this shit too well so when i get hit by a car on purpose and then about to be executed..im sure youd do the same shit. and tbh i see all the big gangs coming through kavala rdming and medics vdm to heal and get points... im the least of anyones problems. i bounty hunt. i try and play by the rules i used to know because now the servers gone to shit. dont liek it. report me. i can say yes i "rdmd" the cop but tbh he knew what he was doing, responding to a hostage hence why it went down how it did.. now hop off with your outdated and gay memes bro
  8. LOOOL
  9. bro, i have a hostage situation, cop happens to pick my house to run into? i dont buy it. he called him lmao... he gave me 3 different roleplay excuses as to why he came to this house.. but in all honesty he scared me , was a reaction and im glad we both played it out nicely, hence why i gave up because i knew it was more of a grey area, i was bored and it was quite fun... and im sure 6ixgod can agree , judging by his laughter.... and yes ill take a cookie.. idk why people think i think im skilled? im not... hahah far from it. just a fun game, and posting my fun times but dont comment on the random vdm then him going to execute me... thats cool too
  10. okay the story goes... dude vdms me.. so i play it out to see what he does... after a cop shows up and feeds me a few excuses as to why he wandered into the house i had a hostage in "randomly" lmao... this is what happens...
  11. respects @Boone you showed up just in time xD <3
  12. pull up in the square and this shit happens lmao.. idk why they got so mad.. pull up and they try n shoot me down! or watch the whole video.. beginning is just helping my fellow bounty hunters get their quillin back! so glad i came back to asylum after a year or more.. still fun af! sorry bad quality.. working it out xD much love asylum <3
  13. your laugh at the end xD <3
  14. too true... iv always said a nice whitelist should be implemented... whitelist everyone registered, then start banning... wouldnt have new randoms comming in to rdm and logging... or medics fuckign around :/ i used to love asylum.. not too well known but i was here back in the day ! (terry allan) and asylum used to be perfect now its toxic and almost un-enjoyable unless you roll with a big team :/ even then its more of a team deathmatch if you enter a town lmao... cops are toxic, medics are toxic. would love to see a nice fix to the problems ! but only with time <3