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  1. Here's a PoV of being in Team Rocket.
  2. Server lag, it assumed your vehicle was still moving and you ghost-bonked the jeep. Example below:
  3. 3 year old sleeper account just for this purpose.
  4. Okay, so then you're saying these two officers managed to down you in the Orca with 9mm SMG and an MX? Maybe they should be promoted, I can't remember the last time we've shot a pilot out at a bank.
  5. Maybe you should've locked your orca before hand, Kavala is a bad neighborhood after all.
  6. For my fellow blind people, perscription safety glasses are worth it. The shields that go over your existing glasses are bull and don't protect anything. I've had to get shrapnel removed from my eye. Not fun.
  7. Friend of Mine (25,000) Is this correct, or is it supposed to be "Friend of Ours"?
  8. Also; Off topic because not asylum related content
  9. Those are reddit arrows, clearly.
  10. Why even buy a rifle.
  11. Your only forum posts here are pushing your agenda, do you even play on the server?