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  1. Doesn't combat arms fuck with your resolution? Might be because the menu / in-game / loading screens are different sizes.
  2. nice
  3. Thanks Survivalizer.
  4. $ 00.05 USD has been deposited in your account.
  5. The noun is "troll".
  6. Two tips to make your day easier. 1) You are less likely to be kidnapped for gear if you don't have any gear. There is a reason my Kavala Cop load out is the polo shirt, range master belt and a P07. You're also more likely to be able to handle most situations with this load out because simply not carrying a rifle de escalates the situation. 2) The Durga Rule of Dealing with Bounty Hunters If the number of bounty hunters is greater or equal to the number of you (one), load lethals.
  7. I toggle it on and off fairly often so I'm not walking around with a rifle pointed at everyone. Makes civilians uneasy when the cop is staring at you down the sights of a rifle.
  8. Interesting fellows
  9. This video is hardly the whole picture. If the admins are going to ban someone for desync and being a shitty driver, then it's the beginning of a slippery slope. Did he stop to revive you or were you forced to respawn? EDIT: Is that a cop? If he did revive you, did he apologize and let you drive off as is or did he robocop you your charges and seize your gun. I'm not going to say that they (the admins) made the right call, but making a public post complaining/crying about one death is hardly the right play here.
  10. I like how he passed you, slowed down, and then cut you off when you went to pass.