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  1. meh. https://plays.tv/video/5931f7dddc1e4f89f2/aapg-the-turn-on?from=user
  2. 375
  3. I'd just rdm you every time ingame so you can wire me your money
  4. Whole vid. Just uploaded and very tired to edit. You can skip to 2:30 if you'd like.
  5. Nah, he missed all his shots. When I opened the door at his house he sprayed me and missed a full mag. Rushed in and got him while he was reloading. Usually happens when Kavala gangs try going for cartels Edit: I see what you mean. No clue how those shots didn't kill me tbh.
  6. Casually going to Wong's when I find what I assumed was a neat spot to go prone and camp it out. Little did I know.... http://plays.tv/video/591e8329df77641fd2/arma-3-shat-myself
  7. Server 3
  8. 1:29 Rip trial week xd
  9. Im willing to negotiate, how many crates?
  10. 150k
  11. Currently lacking some funds but how would a price range of 400k sound?
  12. Definitely interested in the shed, just need some clarification as I have been inactive for the last couple months on Asylum. 1. Can I spawn/access the shed even if Wong's Cartel is nearby 2. Are HEMMT Boxes able to be spawned in without having to worry of it blowing up?
  13. Bump