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  1. Nice try mitch. We know this is your alt account
  2. Or people could update their ts servers
  3. hit me up fam i got undetectable vpns for days ill hook u up for free
  4. I hope Asylum has good lawyers. That gun looks awfully similar to Arma's.
  5. They will just cry ddos no matter what
  6. It really rustles my jimmies that you can't sell and get max profit when a cartel is contested. For instance, some austist taps drug cartel for 1% and leaves. I believe you should still have "ownership" until it is down to 0% capture, and when it goes up, the gang that is winning has ownership.
  7. Bring back Kavala prison
  8. This is Propaganda. Mitch is trying to boost his public opinion.
  9. beats by dre
  10. Businesses don't really work in Asylum. There's no authority to ensure people hold up their side of an agreement. You want to give someone a loan? Well sorry to break it to yeah but you're never going to see that money again.
  11. I wasn't supposed to reveal this classified information but here it goes. In the late 1960s, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson proposed a plan to popularize Anime in the United States. Johnson thought the only thing worse than communism, was some weeb shit. It threatened American values, he said. It was unpatriotic, he said. The plan went off without a hitch and Anime was popularized far beyond the point they hoped. Phase 2 was to gradually make Anime more sexualized and that kind of gay shit. Here comes the heavy stuff. Phase 3 is to eradicate all those who watch the modernized anime. Johnson was merciful, he wanted to save as many as possible by making the anime more gay and shit so that he would weed out the normal people from the plan. His plan worked thus far, but not in the way he thought. Anime became more popular as it became more sexualized. Stage 3 was planned to commence 60 years after the plan was proposed, so the year 2020. I was removed from the project in the early 2000s, but as far as I know, phase 3 is a go.
  12. Mitch shot my dog
  13. It's hardly fair to put Skittles on there. You know, female and all.
  14. FYI

    Mitch is psychologically unfit to serve as Asylum's Community Manager. @Cukofuko for CM!