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  1. Azeh liked a post in a topic by BaDaBiNg_10-8 in This Man Needs to Uninstall.   
    Hey, remember when I took your mom out for dinner and you told me it would never be a thing............I’m home son! 
  2. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Alec-I in Suicide and Depression.   
    I have to agree.
    I once saw someone with two broken legs, i'm not even sure it even exists that you can break a bone. Get up and walk ya lazy cunts. Sick of it. Do what's required of men and suck it up. lazy bastards.

    you are a squeezer
  3. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Nomadox in Olympus Gang Wars   
    dang I wonder what assholes blew it up
  4. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Leady in Where we've come from, Where we are headed.   
    Just over 3 months ago ownership of Asylum was transferred to @BaDaBiNg_10-8 and @Clint Beastwood. A lot has been accomplished in that short time span with much more planned. This topic is to acknowledge those accomplishments and share a roadmap for the future of Asylum.
     Within the first 30 Days
    Servers returned to full or nearly full during peak times Opened up past bans for a second chance Brought on a new lead developer 3 contributors were also brought in Removed the unpopular money and group caps Within the last 3 months
    Migrated servers to a new host Updated the website front and back end (it needed it badly) Continued to roll out a patch every month that not only fixes past issues but takes community feedback and makes it a reality Increased server stability (While we aren't where we would like to be yet, it has come a long way from December) Upgraded player reporting systems to a streamlined ticket system (Shout out to Mitch for this one) Introduced new weapons to the player base This is just a snap shot from the last 90 days. Even more has been done on the back end to improve server stability and functionality.
    Now that we've looked at what has been done, a preview is in order for the future of asylum.
    A complete re-write of asylum's code from the ground up Replacement of current MyAsylum page and features A re-work of the housing/crate system Re-work of vehicle, police, and ems lighting White-listed medics Various cartel changes  Additional armor and weapons New vehicle and clothing skins Re-work of talent trees Many more items on the list, these are just some of the features we are most excited for. As with anything in development all points are subject to not only change but may never see the light of day. In an effort to be transparent we felt it was time give a glimpse behind the scenes of what the Dev's are working on in addition to the regular content/bug fix patches. @Mitch (IFRIT) and myself look over the suggestion section of the forums almost daily and take that feedback and pass it a long to the owners and dev's for what the community wants and in some cases doesn't want. And while not everything suggested will be implemented we value that feedback and want to give a big thank you to those who offer it.
    As a final note I wanted to take a line or two and say Thank You to the community as a whole. With out you Asylum wouldn't exist. From the admins  who dedicate their free time looking over player reports and compensation requests, to the support staff who sit in Teamspeak everyday waiting to help players, to the gangs whom without the APD wouldn't have much to do, to the APD for keeping the streets safe for the apple pickers and diamond miners, to the Kavalians teaching new players how to put their hands up when being robbed, Thank You. The people are what makes Asylum what it is. 
  5. Azeh liked a post in a topic by pete in Who is big ray   
    I'm genuinely serious, who is big ray?

    If its fucking jimbo I will record my suicide and post it 
  6. X Jake liked a post in a topic by Azeh in The Reason We Play Asylum   
    Gangs wouldn't "just be gangs" if they didn't disband every other week. While I can't speak for gangs other than Envy - I think any long-time gang feels the same way too. Gangs that have stuck together for years are more than just an Asylum gang. You said gangs used to be like a virtual family, but I think the vast majority of my gang if not everyone would agree when I say we are like a virtual family. We talk to each other about anything, both game related and non-game related. Even if we don't have a game to play, those who are around will usually just sit in TS and talk about anything.
    If I want to play something that isn't Asylum, my gang members are usually the first people I'll ask to play. LoL, CS:GO, DayZ, Exile, Siege, Rust, Golf With Your Friends, whatever the game or server may be. We'll play something for as long as it's fun, then stop playing and either come back to it at a later time or never play it again. However, Asylum is just one of those things you keep coming back to despite the many complaints that can be made about both ARMA and Asylum. The game might be terrible at times and Asylum definitely has its issues too, but the experience you have on Asylum can't be replicated on any other game. The community has certainly played a very major part in making Asylum what it is, but the gameplay it offers is what allowed the community to be molded into what we all think is so great. Not many games let you play with groups of 10, 20 or even 30+ people.
  7. Azeh liked a post in a topic by BaDaBiNg_10-8 in Olympus under new ownership!   
    Incase you haven’t heard, Olympus is under new ownership. @Peter Long has stepped down due to RL issues (won’t elaborate more) that were affecting his ability to manage Olympus effectively. 
    The Asylum staff wishes him the best of luck on his future endeavors and we will ALWAYS support him. Good luck to the new owner. 
  8. Azeh liked a post in a topic by troublesome in Gang Split   
    I like this idea, let's split 2 inactive gangs into 4 inactive gangs, that will bring back gang life in a hurry!
  9. Azeh liked a post in a topic by CreatorOfUnpopularOpinions in New Zealand shooting   
    I have told a lot of people on this forum to end their life. But yourself?, I believe everyone here agree's you should end your pathetic sad existence.
    The fact you not only condone a 4 year old child being slaughtered where he stood, for simply having a day out with his father and going to celebrate their god, shows me and everyone else, that you are in fact a worthless attention seeking idiot who deserves no respect.
    I am in no way a liberal, far from it, but for you to justify the death of a defenceless child with "but someone who claimed to be muslim killed people in the name of their god!!!".
    Have you ever heard of the crusades? When Christians would gather around Europe and plan an attack on the Muslims who controlled Jerusalem? 
    You, deserve no respect, no attention, no thought.
    I hope you practice what you preach in real life too, because I guarantee you don't have the slightest nerve to even come out with anything you have said to anyone in real life.
  10. Azeh liked a post in a topic by vedalkennnnnn in New Zealand shooting   
    He's just doing what weird kids normally do, since they've been cast out and looked down upon he's saying bad things for a negative reaction.
    It's sad really, why not just have some common decency instead of trying to make yourself more disliked than you already are.
  11. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Scott in New Zealand shooting   
    They, as in these innocent people in new Zealand praying, have done worse than a man who walked into a room with 500 people on their knees praying and killed 49 of them. Right. You're an idiot.
    By your logic all white people (you included) deserve to be shot while completely defenseless because other white people have done bad things. 
  12. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Dull in New Zealand shooting   
    I don't usually like to respond to inbred fucks like you but can you elaborate more on who exactly does the same? Those innocent kids or people that are praying in a mosque and cannot defend themselves? Or ISIS? Who has killed more Muslims than any other people in the world.
    Nobody in earth deserves to be killed like that, regardless of what religion, skin color or whatever the fuck you believe in. What happened today just shows that terrorism has no religion. 
  13. Azeh liked a post in a topic by BaDaBiNg_10-8 in New Zealand shooting   
    I think why this is so disturbing is because a shooter has never recorded their perspective during a active shooter. Look at all the atrocities in the US over the past 20 years. Can you imagine if that footage was recorded in the same manner. 
    Anytime a human is slaughtered without a chance, it’s disgusting. 
  14. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Revenant in New Zealand shooting   
    ur cool
  15. Mayhem liked a post in a topic by Azeh in Need a New PC   
    Can't really find any other Arma benchmarks but

  16. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Tiger in New Zealand shooting   
    Had the name of a little girl that was killed in the Stockholm terror attack on his gun. Pathetic 
  17. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Revenant in New Zealand shooting   
    RIP to all the folks who got killed/injured by this pathetic ugly motherfucker and anyone associated with him.
    Drop an F bois. 
  18. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Nomadox in Need a New PC   
    Unfortunately, with arma 3 being the game that it is, benchmarks like these are often of little significance to how a CPU actually performs when in a 100 player server sat in Kavala or on Arms dealer w 5000 cars laying around. I was joking about 8600k being better than the 9900k, although I do believe it comes at a better value(8600k costs only about 44% of the 9900k’s price, but still has around 85% the arma performance of the 9900k). I do think, however, that it is an interesting and relevant conversation to have concerning the inaccuracy and difficulty of performing a proper arma 3 benchmark. Being unable to simulate the wide range of possible high-load situations in arma 3 means that when buying products with this game in mind, consumers may often buy a machine far underpowered to what they need for a positive experiance. Kinda fucked, just a thought. On my phone so sorry for shit grammar
  19. Nomadox liked a post in a topic by Azeh in Need a New PC   
    Can't really find any other Arma benchmarks but

  20. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Rodrigo in Rebel Infamy Idea   
    There has to be another way to make the infamy please the rebels, drones for rebels will never happen.
    The drones will be so overpowered and trust it will ruin the gameplay.
  21. Azeh liked a post in a topic by bbgreg17 in Rebel Infamy Idea   
    I can not speak for Mitch but I can tell you why I don't think this would be a good idea.
    With one drone I can watch all Pyrgos side drug fields. If I so desired I could stop anyone from ever running a single drug on that side for the entire restart. Now think about rebels having the ability to stop all drug runs whenever they feel like it. You say they can be shot down with a single pistol shot and you are correct. However, I have never had a drone shot down that was not under 75m or taking off. I generally keep my drone "low" at about 200m. With a mediocre computer I can have my drone high enough people will never notice it unless they know exactly where it is, and even then it can be hard (speaking from experience shooting down bugged drones). You could always safely launch a drone by being in a secluded area or having gang mates to protect it. While there are no hard rules on drones for sgt+ there are actually soft rules we are expected to abide by. Things like not camping drug areas and using them to harass civilians. Rules like this would be rather hard to enforce on rebels. Personally, I don't use a drone really unless it at a Bank, Prison or Fed. I will very rarely use them in a chase if it happens to be nearby, we have no air unit and we lose the suspect. This is because they really are extremely powerful tools.
  22. Azeh liked a post in a topic by Sijanec in Krypton the Gamer Montage   
    Ah shut up Arma is everything you have in your life
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