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  1. 4 years later and these inbred's still say im cheating
  2. pete

    i saw a post man today who looked exactly like you, if he was in a wheelchair I would have chanced it being you and pushed him into oncoming traffic

    1. Batcan


      can't joke about this man, RIP jimbo you will be missed.

  3. pete

    Who is big ray

    fuck all of you faggots
  4. pete

    Who is big ray

    I'm genuinely serious, who is big ray? If its fucking jimbo I will record my suicide and post it
  5. wow i dint know his name was adam
  6. I couldn't understand much of what you said but what I heard made me want to quit arma another 3 times
  7. pete


    If they make it 3rd person it will be good
  8. No one understands the significance of mental health issues until they experience them first hand, I know what it's like to be in your shoes. Wishing you the best of luck mate.
  9. - In-Game Name: Pe7e - Timezone: fuck u - Age: 21 - Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot): 4450 (no) - Previous Gangs: all of them that were good - What makes you better than everyone else: i have been king of asylum since bikstok got bad -Any members who can vouch for you, if so who: all of them
  10. basically you're a fucking shitter
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