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  1. Don

    Widsyy - Last Montage

    Really good montage,really enjoyed it.
  2. Don

    Moderator predictions?

    @Cukofuko is the one!
  3. Don

    Widsyy - Last Montage

    taking a break kyle my friend
  4. Don

    Widsyy - Last Montage

    Soooo Bad <3 bot
  5. Don

    Google Dinosaur

  6. Don

    Return of the great

    you back boy!!!
  7. Don

    Help me with the settings

    i am open for some donations!
  8. Don

    Help me with the settings

  9. Don

    Help me with the settings

    i will be home in about an hour i will let you know
  10. Don

    Help me with the settings

    So i got my new 1060 what you guys think are the best settings ?
  11. Don

    Elyisum goes to Altis

    i am gonna wait you guys
  12. Don


  13. Don

    Change log 6.8.6

    groups are still bugged!