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  1. The fact that he looks terrified of you is concerning.
  2. Went through about 7 of these in a pretty short span. They don't seem to blow up other cars as much, but I feel like I'm driving around a van made of toothpicks
  3. Ooooh fuck yeah bud
  4. Tell that to everybody trying to cap the Carrier on STRIFE, couldn't tell you how many times I phased through the floor.
  5. You should have activated your Bad Blood trap card to begin with, then they would have never messed with you
  6. In my town 5 Years back a guy ended up in the news because his youtube mixtape got 5k views. This reminds me of him
  7. Explain how to do that without killing the population further? Removing a server almost always causes in more damage than it's worth. Either 1/4th of the server loses their houses or everybody does, either way would take a nice chip out of the playerbase.
  8. Then everything is affected, adding a texture means the detail can persist.
  9. Where's the global discounts at
  10. Those pillars also exist outside the church/courthouse. I wonder if we can get a tally of how many people have killed themselves under the bridge
  11. Probably google, same as you
  12. Probably a list of people who emoted around you. Ironman btw.
  13. Compared to all the Eminent people who want the cap gone.
  14. You don't spend them, you just accumulate them and unlock titles/achievements over time. Once you start earning prestige you will understand