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  1. (Same game, maybe 10 seconds of running in between the clips)
  2. Clorox sells more than just bleach. That's like saying "Hey, let's go have some eggos for breakfast" Be more specific before you end up taking a shot of non-toxic hand soap, because that would really disappoint me.
  3. Now I'm not pro/con to either side, I usually roll in quadbikes. But let's be honest, majority of the APD can hardly shoot while standing still let alone in a moving vehicle.
  4. I'm letting everybody know, this was posted in the STRIFE section first. Get your torches and pitchforks ready. @Dredd Cop is not a meme!
  5. So it was said that aslong as nobody dies from a vehicle explosion, blowing up cars using the map is OK. What if the player dies from the fire/secondary by running into the car, would that be considered your fault?
  6. "I'm armed and dangerous boys" I thought he was the guy with the pistol not the launcher