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  1. Went to a bank and texted one of the gang members that I'd revive their comrade at lighthouse. They shot me down as soon as I landed and their friend died. Came back to revive cops out of spite and then a cop shot me out. I'l stick to the truck.
  2. Huge +1 for this one, this will make my BH carrier wet and dirty again
  3. Server: 1 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 40k Location (Town/DP#): Kavala Rebel Asking Price: BO Description: Great for avoiding bounty hunters at donor, just a short uphill walk to the outpost. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  4. Your screenshots don't work
  5. I lost interest after the Trump rap, I'm not a fan of Trump but I think adding politics to your raps is just bad taste. (Plus it was pretty shit either way)
  6. I don't understand how they think things like this will work. Tanoa should be a perfect example that you need a dedicated group of cops if you want any kind of player base on the server, cops are literally half the game. Without them it's just money making and big dick gangs thinking they are beasts because they own a cartel on a server with 15 people.
  7. I see this going two ways for the APD, 1. Only constables play because nobody wants to be whitelisted on a server that isn't reliably up. 2. Everybody is whitelisted and it ends up like Tanoa where nobody plays because there is nobody to brown nose. I don't see how with the current way precincts work you could have two servers that are only up when they meet a certain criteria. Basically screws anybody that wants to play on S3/S2 during non prime NA time.
  8. Assuming S2 goes down that kinda cucks all the people who invested a lot of money into housing locations, while making the housing on the other servers more expensive & desirable in turn making it harder to buy all your houses back on the remaining servers. I'm sure the only way people affected could fully get behind a server going down is if players were compensated a realistic value for their houses, or a system was put in place allowing people to have similar use of their house on a separate server. Accessing your crates @ AE would be a pretty sloppy way to solve the problem considering most of the AE locations are out of the way.
  9. A sport will hurt your back if you plan to ride it a lot, get a standard or a dual sport if you plan on riding in a city/town, cruiser if you plan on highways/back roads. Get a size you're comfortable with not what you feel pressured into getting, a lot of guys think more cc == bigger dick, don't be that guy.
  10. What doesn't make sense to me is the way multiple people turning in a bounty is handled. If you turn in the bounty you get more honor but less money, if you have fair share and your friend shares the bounty you get less honor but more money. If I'm also remembering correctly (its been a little since I checked) you only receive bonus honor from fair share, you get none directly from the arrest amounting to x/100 vs the x/50 you get from directly arresting the person, any plans on making the honor gain a bit more straightforward? As it is it seems a bit overly complicated and slow especially with the playerbase as low as it is, it can be hard to find decent bounties that don't outnumber you to a point where you would need so many friends the profit isn't worth the effort. 10m worth of bounties to max out a specialty is a little much, I doubt most players even earn 10m in their playtime let alone from bounty hunting.
  11. I too suggested this in June last year with the same result, an instant shut down because "They like the way it is". Clearly it isn't working
  12. If you're using NVIDIA and have two monitors that would be why, a way I found to avoid the crash is to boot into safe mode use DDU to uninstall your drivers then boot normally and install them.