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  1. What I said is just an estimate if you were to hold that constant speed. I know your pain, slow internet blows in 2018.
  2. 600 Kbps would take you ~15 days, 600 KBps would take you ~2 days.
  3. So if you prefer to use anything other than default keybindings you shouldn't play?
  4. At the start of the bank people consistently ask for lethals before anybody has even gotten there. They should be improved on both sides, cops shouldn't be able to call them as easily and rebels shouldn't be able to use it as a free and easy pardon. Something that fixes both problems would get my vote. Increased jail time, additional charges, losing their weapon—anything that wouldn't promote (and fixes) this.
  5. Has it already gone down or does it come up at a certain time? I have yet to get a chance to move my things
  6. I've had situations where somebody was No Unit for me but not for somebody else, I couldn't interact with them and they couldn't hear me but others could. Trying to tell some random dude to tell some other dude he is bugged is really fun, try it some time.
  7. Was he Error:No Unit? When that happens you can't restrain them and downing rounds lethal.
  8. There is an audio setting on Shadowplay that allows you to record in two channels, I've never had this work for me so you could try disabling/enabling that. I believe it records audio from whatever is set to your default output/communication, make sure they are both set to the same device. Other then that I'd say the best option is to just run Audacity as you play or use OBS.
  9. Sorry, who? I don't know anybody named Kim Jung-un
  10. Flamable to eplosive?