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  1. What doesn't make sense to me is the way multiple people turning in a bounty is handled. If you turn in the bounty you get more honor but less money, if you have fair share and your friend shares the bounty you get less honor but more money. If I'm also remembering correctly (its been a little since I checked) you only receive bonus honor from fair share, you get none directly from the arrest amounting to x/100 vs the x/50 you get from directly arresting the person, any plans on making the honor gain a bit more straightforward? As it is it seems a bit overly complicated and slow especially with the playerbase as low as it is, it can be hard to find decent bounties that don't outnumber you to a point where you would need so many friends the profit isn't worth the effort. 10m worth of bounties to max out a specialty is a little much, I doubt most players even earn 10m in their playtime let alone from bounty hunting.
  2. I too suggested this in June last year with the same result, an instant shut down because "They like the way it is". Clearly it isn't working
  3. If you're using NVIDIA and have two monitors that would be why, a way I found to avoid the crash is to boot into safe mode use DDU to uninstall your drivers then boot normally and install them.
  4. Let's get a picture of you then
  5. Will there be some kind of popup when you join the server saying how much comp has been added? There's been a time or two where even though my comps been granted I never got it in-game. Also regardless of people complaining about donations, just be happy the debit card stayed at 25$. Servers need money to run, if you want to fly down the road in a Mystery Machine open up your wallet.
  6. Reading this thread makes me concerned for everybody involved in that argument,
  7. So buddy left your gang so he could leave Kavala and fight cartels and you count that as betrayal?
  8. The fact that he looks terrified of you is concerning.
  9. Went through about 7 of these in a pretty short span. They don't seem to blow up other cars as much, but I feel like I'm driving around a van made of toothpicks
  10. Ooooh fuck yeah bud