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  1. PM'd you
  2. Looking for any houses near Kavala square (any surrounding streets) on S1 and will pay top dollar (2M+) if you have one I'm looking for. Feel free to DM me.
  3. @justi Did you sell it to someone, or is that what you bought it for?
  4. @Farmer Steve How much for this ish? Used to own all these on S3
  5. The table near the staircase at Kavala market also drops people on the reg...pretty annoying
  7. Server: 3 House, Garage, Industrial Shed: House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 70k Location (Town/DP#): DP3 Asking Price: 250k - Listed on market Description: Nice 2-crater near the gas station in DP3. Perfect for scotch runs and rotating epehdra field nearby.
  8. Perhaps someone should unlock one of the STRIFE changelogs then...
  9. @bamf @Gnashes Any chance we'll be able to sell equipment / be able to see DLC content in the Asylum Exchange Menu on the left?
  10. @bamf Any plan to make it so you can buy/sell grenades (and other equipment), and DLC stuff to the exchange?
  11. Lmao that was legit
  12. I agree because it has a view of fuck all. However, a house, like anything, is worth as much or little as someone is willing to pay for it lol
  13. @GnashesI get those, they were a stretch anyway. But the difference between talents and honor is that you have to continue to work to get honor, talents were one of those things that you could get 27 in a day or so and be done with them forever. I'm trying to think of end-game things that could be added so that Bounty Hunters have incentive to work and receive different benefits than just money, similar to what rebels get. Do you disagree?
  14. Fair enough. So just looking at the options, possibly things that could be given (Or any combination) include: 1) Vehicle Skins (BH Orca / sport / etc...) 2) BH Store / Skiptracer discounts - OR Make it so every "###" number of arrests made gives you an increased discount at skiptracer (Starts at 5% then increases up to a cap) 3) Allow bounty hunters to cap cartels 4) Remove the cap on how many honor talents you can have learned (In essence, be able to fill both trees completely) 5) Perhaps make flashbangs purchasable at skiptracer using HONOR not MONEY (Obviously it would have to be a lot of honor but still would be something to spend it on) 6) Make some way to clear your active bounties at skiptracer if you are a top tier BH or make it cost honor to clear bounties (Rather than soft logging which people do but its frowned upon) 7) Make it so Honor is transferable to money at some rate 8) OR make a new store, "The Honor Store" for example. And at that store you can buy boosts for BH. For example. you could buy permanent discounts at certain stores (30k honor for ## % discount at Skiptracer Store). Similar to how rebels cap cartels for boosts. - Another idea here to be able to buy a permanent Bounty Hunter's License for ##K Honor, which you will always have UNLESS you decided to buy a Rebel License @Gnashes The more I think about this, the more I'm starting to think that Bounty Hunter's don't necessarily need new shiny things, but rather have some new ways to be able to spend honor. Because once you have the talents, Honor becomes a useless currency as the system stands. Thoughts?
  15. I like the general basis of this post. Bounty Hunters really should unlock something additional for reach top honor tiers. Whether it be guns, clothes, vehicles, discounts, or other perk. Most of the people I see posting on here about how BHs should never get an MXM are career cops or yeah you just don't want civs to get the stuff you spent time on cop getting. That's fair, but also realize that civs spend a ton of time to get that much honor as well... @bamf @Gnashes Any thoughts on giving honored out Bounty Hunters something else in 8.0?