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  1. TIL a few bans is no big deal. You guys really do struggle with basic rules don't you? I was banned once years ago and I was in the wrong, haven't done it since, it's really not that hard.
  2. ITT: A Kavala troll fears his trolling methods might get taken away. All the more evidence to remove it tbh
  3. So, your point is: that because you like bounty hunter and enjoy it, and that others do not, that your argument holds more weight? Because thats what I am hearing. No one should want to take the fun away from somebody but when the mechanic is heavily weighted towards ruining someone elses fun, it should be adressed, and some rebalance should be made. Personally I dont like BH too much for a couple reasons, but nothing that cant be changed. The most major of issues past that are not bounty hunters who actually use it as intended, but the rampant abuse and easy exploitablity of BH that takes away a lot of the fun for anyone else.
  4. Dont bring fun into an argument? Fun should be the most important thing in an argument. No one likes getting downed, getting restrained, often times left somewhere, or put in jail. The truth is jail just isnt fun, and you can at least RP with cops and have a more fair interaction with them, bounty hunters are like a tethered force. They always know your general location, and are always moving towards you, and you can do nothing about that. You can at least lose the cops and go about your business, you cant lose a bounty hunter, only delay them. Now should BH be removed? Probably not, but dont disregard the other side of the looking glass over "fun" because doing so makes it sound like you having fun is more important than them having fun. These discussions should be 100% be using fun as the main factor in the argument to find the middle ground and what works best to both sides.
  5. Oh no, I made a typo, better attack that! I'll leave it, because I don't care.
  6. This is probably the lease constructive thing you've posted and it's leagues more professional than slick will ever be. +1
  7. Ghost0fDawn

    V2 feedback

    I guess you never miss huh
  8. @Kowalski Nice post, Some things I agree with, others not so much, but very comprehensive and well done. It's a good change of pace to read something with some thought around here. _________ A lot of people here keep talking about the MX, I say remove the PO7. Pistols are not seriously used to bounty hunt outside of DMV hunting and BH abuse. On the topic of overall nerfs and rebels wanting them gone, people really need to stop insulting people that vote to remove it. It's evident those in favor of less change are weighted towards people I see that usually just troll towns anyway. Rebels don't want bounty hunter gone because "They are salty they lost a fight" They don't like it because being restrained, either left somewhere or jailed is not fun. This is more of an issue I feel than any of the equipment that BHs get and what they can do. I'll say getting downed and left in a building was a large factor in me taking a break off of the game. Often I didn't even have a bounty, its just an issue of BHs trolling people to get high off of taking the fun out of others. Even for those that are genuinely bounty hunting, take the fun and mood out of someone else. A rebel who goes to a fight and gets killed is usually fine because he can respawn and is still in control of his experience. This is a basic psychological factor of being in control of yourself. The same reason its generally feels more safe for you to be the driver in the car as opposed to a passenger in a plane, despite the fact that driving is far more dangerous, the control over your own safety provides comfort. The same thing is clearly happening here, when you are downed, restrained, left or jailed, you are forced out of control, and that is discomforting and takes away from the fun and the experience. Nobody likes jail because you can't do anything, its AFK and make a sandwich time. Being downed is the same thing, there is nothing you can do beyond roll your eyes and set a 10 minute timer before you alt-f4. Honestly, game mechanics that actively encourage the player to close down the game is beyond me, that's not good for player retention, if I get a 45 minute jail time I can almost say for certain I'm done with asylum for the day, because I am going to go find a different activity to go do. Consider the consequences of bounty hunters and the mechanics that are involved in those consequences rather than bounty hunter itself. Why should someone become a bounty hunter, what should be allowed? Do you want bounty hunters to fetch players that just got a single self defense, lockpicked a single car? Got hit with insurance fraud by a couple of trolls? What happens to the player who is hunted? How will you keep that player from not wanting to log out entirely? A lot of people push for lowered max jail time for this reason. Also please do something about Bounty Hunter abuse, getting killed is fine, being downed and dragged around so I can't play makes me want to alt f4. Literally the only people who like the fact that you can get away with this are trolls.
  9. Weren't you leaving?
  10. Wiping people's long term end games and shutting down a whole server half the people still play on is not a good long term solution. want a more populated server? Get the regulars to stop being so unbearably toxic all the time and be a more welcoming community. The features make the game playable but it's the people that make the server happen.
  11. For any new player, tabbing out, looking up the website, making a ticket, and waiting for that ticket to be processed, is much longer than a minute, and far longer with greater effort than looking at the server list, and clicking something else. Path of least resistance. What necessary evil? because some asylum haters will come in and mass RDM? The regulars already do that
  12. Or remove the whitelist because we aren't going to get any new players that way
  13. Ghost0fDawn

    V2 feedback

    Its entirely possible that he just doesnt pay attention to the announcements but somehow makes it to this point to complain.
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