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  1. cya

    Ion even know you but these 2 comebacks made me a fan
  2. shoot it down then? if you cant shoot down a hummingbird, then RPG's are the last thing you need to worry about...
  3. How would you know shes sending nudes if your phone is at home?
  4. So about these "frequent updates"...
  5. Of course! I dont have the mental capabilities to dress myself yet... :-(
  6. Its a top kek. But whatever bud, have fun with all of your Asylum friends!... oh wait...
  7. Im better than you bud. Just calm down. No need to get upset because I believe that the old prison is better than this one. Bad players stay talking shit I guess... :-(
  8. If you werent here pre-2015, please dont insult my prison choice :-)
  9. Both
  10. https://gyazo.com/696315fe28219ac82e47a7732cbe2b3e Straight from the guidebook. Parking meters being a thing? personally I think it would be cool but would probably rape server side memory. Who knows...
  11. Hell
  12. But what if they dont pay it?
  13. Welp. Wont be seeing me around Asylum anymore... or anywhere...
  14. Understandable. Carry on!