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  1. Wow rebel talent tree is so sick!
  2. Thats facts tho :-(
  3. Okay if the fed has been smash and grabbed more than once, then maybe we can get out of Kavala for once and sit an officer there to watch it. Or find them on the way to rebel and get them. You know where they’re going... I dont do smash and grabs but this is basic stuff. Regardless of everything else. Nerfing quillins was not the fix. Not sure what is, but nerfing quillins that hard wasn’t it...
  4. Oh. Understandable. I thought you were trolling. Im a dick lol
  5. “Playing their own risk on the server” so now its a requirement to record all the time? Yikes...
  6. Or. OR. And hear me out here. We DONT instantly ban everyone and assume guilty until proven innocent. I know its a crazy concept but if you read it really slow it may start to make sense.
  7. If there was ever a time and place for a kappa emote, this would be it...
  8. God forbid we actually TELL the playerbase about changes right?
  9. Its honestly sad that we had to ruin quillins because cops in this game are so fucking awful...
  10. cya

    Ion even know you but these 2 comebacks made me a fan
  11. shoot it down then? if you cant shoot down a hummingbird, then RPG's are the last thing you need to worry about...
  12. How would you know shes sending nudes if your phone is at home?
  13. So about these "frequent updates"...
  14. Of course! I dont have the mental capabilities to dress myself yet... :-(