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  1. Eminem will always remain the rap GOD. Idc what anyone says lol. He rekkkkt MGK lol.
  2. Looking to buy Abdera houses or a shed near Distillery. Let me know what you have. Money isn't a problem. I'm willing to overpay for Abdera. <3 Also willing to go for Athira/Dp5 if no one is willing to give up Abdera.
  3. GG. The ninja infiltration of gangs is real. You got us. <3
  4. @Lucky Luciano
  5. There has never been a sharpie, nor will there ever be a sharpie. And for what it's worth, I miss Tanoa and wish that it was brought back, but I don't see that ever happening.
  6. Server 3 was down all day yesterday and it's still not up! What's going on?!?!
  7. You apparently do not need initiation lol.
  8. I love the music to this!
  9. Omg that was beautiful! <3 haha
  10. {s3} wtb 3crate or barrel Athira or close to scotch houses. Let me know what you have available! Thanks <3