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  1. How would you know that? You hide in your Kava house 24/7
  2. Or hiding inside your house...
  3. 501k
  4. Didn't I lethal you yesterday?
  5. Rebels had a hard enough time #APDProwlerUnit Wiped 2x armed 4WB's, 3x Armed Quilin, and we only had one gunner/driver with downing rounds/disabling tires only. "Rebels" I drove and out maneuvered minigun quilins... and Alex was wiping out Armed Vehicles like this...
  6. 100K
  7. ew another kill montage
  8. What are you guys even protecting? Rebel Outpost security for who? Customers cant keep the business up if you camp and shoot everyone there...?
  9. Sounds like you should either stop committing crimes, or get better at dodging bounty hunter bullets.
  10. How did you get some of the shots in 1:43-1:51
  11. R.I.P. Samperino he always had a thick skull.
  12. *Cough* Make them add a APD Quilin, and a 4WB! The APD hatchback is a lightweight paper weight, and the offroader is a heavier paper weight
  13. I thought that was a donator perk