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  1. same thing happened to me when it happened lol
  2. fucking vans man
  3. why
  4. S P E D
  5. @Penguin_ doxxed:
  6. @James Ford would be proud if he didn't get fatally hit by a truck in late 2016. RIP @James Ford 2005-2016.
  7. Could we get the leg straps for cops maybe? Also why not the wireless earpiece for everyone?
  8. Embedded those for you.
  9. Also, it’s not about specs. Why would you want to sift through footage when you can just press the gyazo hotkey?
  10. It has to be a direct link to the image. Right click on the picture on the gyazo site and click “copy image address”.
  11. Downed or dead?
  12. There is no currently clothing crafting system. It’s not as simple as adding a gun.
  13. Do you want me to search the web for "logged on see if scotch is in aging barrel if so age up unless aged all the way? Or different method of aging it. I just hate having to suicide to all of my houses to show crates"?
  14. @Google™ if you're doing scotch the most efficient way possible, you have to interact with the barrels every restart anyway to replace the 20 that fully matured.