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  1. hi can i join i play top lane in league
  2. thats definitely your fucking issue
  3. your issue seems to be nocturne and playing him top, maybe try a different approach
  4. congrats to thero on his big race win!
  5. someones upset the boys dont like him
  6. It's like getting bullied by a kid from the special needs class.
  7. kenn

    anyone in colorado?

    There's some decent places no where to good honestly, most of the better places are Denver. Personally I like the Black Bear Diner on Academy, or downtown near the Broadmoor it's a place called the Principals Office. It's a old school turned into essentially a giant Distillery with a few places to eat, also if you don't mind a smaller cafe type thing Heart of Jerusalem isn't bad either but it's curbside pick-up at the moment.
  8. kenn

    anyone in colorado?

    I'm not sure why I can't @ Innate but he's in CO as well, I'm in the Springs though he's up in like Boulder or some pussy shit
  9. looking for rust companions im very bad please assist
  10. You thought Valencia was cheating cause he shot you from tower, slow your roll old man.
  11. All they have to do is free the boys.
  12. Predator Missile 4 served us well.
  13. man all the unlawful bans of our gang members
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