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  1. captains following the guidebook would be a good start
  2. here's my badge and my gun
  3. There is a cooldown that says "you have recently revived someone and your plates need time to recharge" and one that says "the victim was recently revived and cannot be revived again for x seconds". Medics and all cops can bypass the first one, and cop medics with the perk can bypass both.
  4. Master Combat Medic - Overrides the 5 minute cool down on reviving a player. (SGT+) [65000 prestige]
  5. as a constable you are marked active whenever you sync (on civ or cop)
  6. I would hope it looks bad because all I did was Google search "csgo redline texture sheet" and apply it to an orca
  7. @Sp0on replace gyazo.com in your signature with i.gyazo.com and append .png it will embed the image
  8. thats not nice. also i put a #FF0000 pure red square on your orca its red bro
  9. but 'arma makes the colours far more vibrant'
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