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    Hey bamf, unban me. I cant even message you because my perms were taken.

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  1. RIP

    @Sandwich is spacebound confirmed
  2. Will get removed soon. And this forum/community is specifically meant for their arma 3 server.
  3. Then why fuck are the forums rated You cant cuss or make a post that is ever so slightly inappropriate.. All my forum posts get shut down and I even got warning points because everyone is sensitive on here
  4. What ESRB rating category does Arma 3 place in?
  5. Id give you a bunch of bunch of memes but the admins don't allow it. @admins Probably would get my forum permissions taken. I just got warning posts the other day because my memes too dank
  6. That's all I read. I knew it was gonna get technical
  7. He was referring to the developers...
  8. they were on server 1 earlier
  9. It appears admins and developers are getting together.. Either they're playing a game together or talking issues with servers/asylum and/or fixes to stuff. I'm curious. Waiting for the memes
  10. unban @Sheriff Rick Grimes and @Daryl Dixon They dindu nuffin hey @Subaru I wanna talk
  11. imagine bringing back perma-banned people that didn't commit serious crimes. I'm sure a good amount of players can come from that @Sheriff Rick Grimes @Daryl Dixon
  12. Can we get some admins up in support channels? LOLZ
  13. Yeah I think I might be putting my farewell soon... These servers are getting more and more retarded by the week. I'm starting to forget if I'm playing asylum or Olympus, since both are becoming very similar.
  14. Where is S3? server 1 & server 4 are almost filled and yet the other servers haven't come up... Anyone know when it comes up or is this a mistake in coding?