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  1. The point is that they are weak, redemption likes to fly up and shoot them down on sight.
  2. Im only going to include current guidebook policies and only that. Sgts only have access to the ar2 darter Lts are the ones with the copter drones Both ranks are only allowed 1 active drone at a time And they may not patrol illegal areas. I guess I will throw in that both drones can be disabled with a p07
  3. Effective Immediately Nikolai’s Compound Officers are allowed only 1 attempt on opening the vault, officers are required to secure the gate on successful or unsuccessful breaching of the vault. House Raids Lieutenants are no longer required to have an officer guard every unlocked exterior door of the house to retrieve an already downed suspect. The Lieutenant is still responsible to ensure everyone who shouldn't be in the premise is removed prior to relocking the door(s) Internal Affairs Current Unlawful home entry Not following the proper house raiding procedure. 6 points and removal from the APD Updated Unlawful home entry Not following the proper house raiding procedure. Up to 6 points and removal from the APD
  4. @JunkeIma need the nerd emoji
  5. Ahaha, is your thing deleting my post?!?
  6. Tell that to mother nature, its supposed to snow this week. But I think it was changed from rain to snow the other day to help with frame issues during some event.
  7. Every fight for a Lt+ is different, I personally don’t want to make my Lts push in a hatchback to bank to die right away before they’re allowed to pull armor. The current dynamic for most fights for us is to push into an event while out numbered and lately into RPGs as well. We do risk quite a bit to push in with an ifrit around 120k for a very small payout, even then we don’t win every single fight we pull ifrits. Just because we won’t win every fight doesn’t mean we get to be civ punching bags the rest of the time. At the end of the day we have to have fun just like you guys have to have fun.
  8. He ran out of time to format. Too much time programming.
  9. 1 chair probably wouldn’t do anything but I’m sure hundreds of them may start to cause issues.
  10. Effective Immediately Federal Event Changes - National APD HQ Robbery - Due to the nature of valuable intelligence inside, the National APD HQ will have slightly different responding policy, listed as following, officers must give a minimum of 2 lives for the main event. In the event that the vault begins to be breached, officers are to give at least an additional 2 lives and securing of the vault will supersede the federal event priority list. Any Civilian found in possession of APD Intelligence shall be charged for “Possession of APD Intelligence” The Gas Mart - Sgt+ now may limit the amount of officers responding to a gas mart robbery effectively allowing other officers to maintain current patrol. If done so, the Sgt+ must respond to the event themselves to ensure that it will be secured. New Federal Event Order Evidence National APD HQ Mental Asylum Federal Reserve Bank of Altis Jewelry Emporium Shipping Robbery Prison Gas Mart Jewelry Charges - Possession of Illegal Jewels - Applies to Jewelry Emporium jewels and Counterfeit Jewels. Possession of Illegal Antiquities - Applies to rolled gold/silver, Villains Chair, and Cruellas Bed New Charges - Anyone found in possession of Mead and Aged Mead shall be charged with “Possession of Illegal Liquor” Anyone found in possession of Shepard Hide they shall be charged with “Possession of Turtle/Dog Meat” Illegal Vehicle Disassembly has been added in-game, this will be used instead of “Money Laundering” Illegal Areas - Antiquities Forge now has a red zone circle, this area will be treated like any other Illegal Area. CMR-76 - UC Officers now have access to the CMR-76, officers are not allowed to drop the rifle to anyone without the appropriate Prestige Tier
  11. As this is not the main point of this topic. I’m going to stop responding in regards to set rules.
  12. What stops them from going from SRT to their own gang? Wouldn’t it be the same outcome? But instead of them uncapping the points they’d just cap them and take the points.
  13. It does, and it was funny to watch.
  14. It’d be a massacre. Falling in you are condemned to death no matter what. You’d teleport to the middle of the bridge to be cut down.
  15. Austin M

    SRT Faction

    I mean since implementation of SRT the APD higherups want no part of SRT. The only rules exist because of certain players abusing the no rules. I personally would rather just have SRT nuked so I dont have to hear about it.
  16. Austin M

    SRT Faction

    At that point it’s just another gang.
  17. I can see that getting exploited.
  18. Dude is about to take a loan out to blow it all.
  19. I don’t know why you guys liked jsrs. They sound bad.
  20. I don’t know how people can use that sound mod. The cars sound like ass.
  21. Yeah Smirnoffs event and this suggestion is 2 massive different things.
  22. I thought thats UC in general
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