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  1. Motion to put V2 on hold till December
  2. If you guys enjoyed this last nights shenanigans are up
  3. This time the pest control tries their hand at drug dealing Again if you liked the video think about following me on twitch Twitch.tv/RWxFortySeven Special appearance from (@JackH @Hav0k)
  4. Did we handcuff one of your guys? Cause I'm literally editing that scene now
  5. Just a small video of the less exciting events over last weekend If you enjoy it; think about following twitch.tv/RWXFortySeven
  6. In Arma? Should be highest on most settings. Bit of motion blur from the obs output
  7. Lmao oh man! I had to cut out that beginning stuff haha, too edgy
  8. Made another of today's morning footage; not as good but check it out in the video forum. If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them
  9. This mornings footage wasn't nearly as nice as last time; but heres a couple clips from todays play through (Part 1) If you like what you see consider following https://www.twitch.tv/rwxfortyseven
  10. Lmfao if I was botting don't you think I would have killed at least 1 person in the 4 hours
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