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  1. Seems like everything is being pushed to purification rather then it's designated location maybe introduce adding another Purification Plant?
  2. Agreed I also think Titles and Achievements shouldn't be wiped as well.
  3. this is coming from the guy abusing it lmfao!
  4. How about a poll for what the community may want? sure it doesn't include all the unique players that joined when the server was thriving but it maybe an idea of what people want.
  5. What you literally just posted self contradicts the whole point of "collecting data" if people are going to avoid the server how are they collecting accurate data? That's why the server is active, I and a lot of other people were "fooled." but that's just something I guess we have to get used to now.
  6. There's a reason why there's is any data to begin with because everyone is clueless as to if this is going to be saved or not and people are grinding their butts off to secure houses, items & money no one is going to grind these things for it to be all gone in 2 days and it wasn't just me losing my time during this event for some "data" there's many other people who have been fooled by all the false hope This clears a lot of things up though wish this was stated since the during begging of the announcement and not "All your progress you've made during this weekend will be saved"
  7. +1 All the people complaining were the people locking down houses for no one to grab the server stats are phenomenal introducing an abundant of unique players too that may leave if the server gets reverted back to the old save.
  8. Love the wipe asylum has been more alive then ever keep it this way
  9. Keep the wipe permanent ! I'd definitely start playing again was pretty boring to me beforehand. This wipe gave the ability for all the people who are active and want to be active the chance to buy the houses they wanted and prevented those who log in once a month to keep their houses.
  10. Agreed fed event cooldown needs to be 1 hr.
  11. Did y'all really unban cheaters?
  12. Isn't this the guy that said he was going to bribe a ton of money to mitch to get me permed?
  13. classic behind the scenes DS action.
  14. Good video I approve of this message! Worth the ride!
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