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  1. this would 100% just be automated
  2. Tell the class please why you lost your Retired LT for a bit of time
  3. You were the entire reason Retired APD have lost most of their privilege's. I was "demoted" from the APD because I was 2nd LT and no longer active staff? I retired, not demoted. cry
  4. No wonder you're no longer LT and people wanted you removed. The player was wanted for over 200k. In the guidebook when a player kills themselves we use the raid as a motive for them to come back and turn themselves in as there's a huge issue with people killing themselves to avoid RP/APD.. As for the newer player, he was obviously heated as it was his first drug run and was upset. If you want to get on my ass for telling a cop he should treat this newer player with some sympathy then fuck me I guess and that just shows your character. Nice try tho.
  5. Hi GravL, this is one of the many examples of false admin abuse claims. Admins literally do NOT have the option to magically repair houses on our panels… We have a lot less options then you’d think. Ah yes using DS statistics as claims that I “targeted” your gang when 3 of your members would only get on for the sole reason to VDM other players in jets. You’re fucking braindead Billy.
  6. Lol all I needed to hear. You exploited no matter the excuse. You say other gangs do this too, but how come I’ve never seen it then? Or you never filed a report, but still bitch thinking somethings gonna change. Making a whole ass new gang is a lot harder to miss then a gang having an extra member or two in the zone… I could’ve cared less about Hyper to “target” them. Y’all were just another shitter gang like DH who were fun to kill. Plus more people in your gang = bigger likelihood somebody will have a ban, simple maths.
  7. Please name a few specific instances. Not once have I handled a report on one of my own gang members Hyper left because they exploited and created a whole new gang to fight gang fort after realizing they fucked up and capped a turf. Rogue then wanted the leaders banned for exploit for a day or two. They also left because they could never cap gang fort and bitched about the rules lol. They had numbers, but not quality.
  8. Cops pull have to pull ifrits on a much more regular basis then rebels due to us always being on the offensive. Not to mention cops risk 80k+ every push meanwhile the rebels don't use armor in 90% of the events and only risk a 25k loadout. With inflation and people having more money, cops having an ifrit just to make it to the bank to get wiped half the time anyways isn't absurd
  9. Might as well be a new anticheat tbh
  10. This patch is awesome! Actual content updates for gang life too. only gripe I have are the palm trees right at the gate of the mental making pushes sorta hard, and I want to be sure there’s a van spot or second entrance. overall awesome work and I’m excited to see where the next patch takes us
  11. #1. This is a APD suggestion. Not a staff suggestion. #2. Only 9 cops out of the 100+ officers are at the rank where they can pull ifrits all the time. Fed event's aren't going to be easy, and each fed event takes a different skill level to complete. Fed event's aren't catered towards new players, as they're supposed to be some of the hardest things to do on the map. #3. Out of these 9 cops, I'd say probably 6 of them never even pull armour or Ifrits because they're too scared to. The ifrits are pretty expensive on cop when you look at how much more the APD dies, respawns, and get's their stuff stolen. That's why their kits are also cheaper. Civs aren't always going to win.
  12. well fuck I didn't think I'd be this sad at 2pm on a random Wednesday like this
  13. They wouldn't leave Athira anyways
  14. Spawn killed us in Therisa and nearly had double our numbers Great job guys, real fair fight
  15. skimancole


    it hasn't been the same without you @Panda
  16. god damn I see why Lawless has to invite so many cheaters now
  17. This idea has been suggested probably 6 times by now but it always gets shot down for some unknown reason
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