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  1. In game name: Exzelz Teamspeak name: Exzelz Timezone: MST Age: 19 Arma 3 hours (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/ca9b26b29a71a11739cbd6fccca683dd What members can vouch for you?: Nino Why should we accept you into Exposed Gaming?: I have knowledge of all the cartel locations and I love to fight. I have been playing Asylum for about 1.5 years now and been apart of the APD for 1 year. I have enough money to support myself and others if they need it for a loadout. The server you are most active on?: Server 2 Previous Gangs, you were in?: I was not in any big gangs, my only gang was Malicious. Most active time for you(weekdays, nights, weekends, etc.): I am able to be active the rest of this week, but I will be gone all July and then I will become active again.
  2. DP11 House #1 with 1 Large crates and 2 Barrels. 150k size. DP11 House #2 with 1 Large crate and 2 Barrels. 220k size. DP11 Bungalow #3 with 2 Barrels w/ 20 25 year scotch in each DP11 House #4 w/ 53 rubber. 1 Large crate. 150k size. All these houses are good for running scotch and for cocaine. Prices on the houses can be changed. All of the houses have items in them. As shown in the screenshots Thank you! https://gyazo.com/5fb537034d2965a503324f61082d492f
  3. 70k, 120k,150k ,220k size houses etc.
  4. Name your price any house ,shed willing to buy. Locations I want to buy are DP 3 , DP 5 , Abdera ,Krya Nera. https://gyazo.com/1199636bcb471418c716ed0beae148fd
  5. I just found out about the #e commands only ones I know are "squat" and "piss". Wondering if anyone knew more.
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