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  1. Could someone explain what all this means? The only busts I know are police catching criminals, failing at Blackjack, and women's cleavage. What does "increased sales for all players on the server" mean? Increased sales of what to who?
  2. I do believe that's the luckiest case of Arma physics I've ever seen! Amazing. Did Asylum program the oil barrels to go flying to prevent people from sling-loading them? Or is this just random?
  3. Really impressive distance for not going up much at all.
  4. I just tried but that doesn't actually work, server requires 1.98 not 1.96. =(
  5. If they tell everyone not to work and stay at home, how the fuck are people supposed to eat and pay the rent? Most people live paycheque to paycheque, they're fucked. I'm on government disability, so it doesn't affect me personally, but this lockdown is going to murder the economy, send everyone into debt, and destroy most small to mid sized businesses. I heard there are now mass riots and looting over the prolonged lockdown. Shit's gonna get ugly if you take away people's ability to support their families long-term.
  6. I recommend making houses/upgrades free on this server, but you can only have max 1 or 2.
  7. Thanks for the updates! Are custom plates only usable once? I'd like my gang to be able to use the same plate for all of us.
  8. Masks do not help prevent you from catching COVID-19, though they may help reduce the rate at which you transmit it to others.
  9. Was heading into coke processing on foot and heard gunshots. Started pushing toward the shots, then turned randomly to check my sides and saw a Hummingbird just casually sitting there. Was not expecting that one bit, never seen one sitting in coke processing. It was like turning and seeing a killer clown beside me, made me do a double take. Loved seeing the guy hop off the building in the distance. Even turning the helicopter and using it as a shield, I barely escaped with 12% health. Good times!
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