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  1. DH is still poor with or without it. SMH my head.
  2. Farmer Steve

    Wipe Poll

    Nah keep main server. Hide money and get rid of all money leaderboards.
  3. We should get rid of the money leaderboard on my-asylum so ppl don't hoard money just to stay on top.
  4. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of players just grinding the first day to get their houses and going back to sitting on them doing nothing. Or only getting on once a month.
  5. would've worked if he was in farmersville. 500k per invite, pm me on discord.
  6. [WTS] Fed Shed Map View: Ground View: ==== ~400 meters from Anthrakia(ATM) ~800 meters from Federal Reserve ~1.3km from Rodopoli ~1.4km from Chop Shop ~1.8km from Air HQ ~2km from Skiptracer === Reply below or PM via discord. No buyout, less it's an insane amount\ Offers below ===
  8. Aside from not knowing if a nigga is speaking to me in Direct, Group, or Discord the quality fire n shi, 10/10 i fuk with it.
  9. According to me nobody gives a fuck
  10. Gotta be the weirdest ban I’ve ever seen. God forbid someone speak the truth
  11. deflation n shi. I'll buy it for 1mil.
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