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  1. This is worse than before lol. I don't understand why you guys even added this in the first place. Nothing happens after not paying your bills except that you can't use the house, so what? The people this update was probably intended for, it won't hurt them at all. If you guys want more houses to be listed to market this was in all honestly a shitty way of going about it. Why not instead go after the people that have <10 hours each month for the past year and wipe those guys? It would make no sense to let them keep their houses after that long.
  2. this nigga reported bag for admitting to vdm lol
  3. $26/ every 5 minutes or so. I made a 0.00001% return on my investment. Don't fall for the hype niggas. Smh my head.
  4. [WTS] Panagia Industrial Shed Extremely good ganghouse/shed for running Crank/capping turf and selling your drugs. ~2km from Rebel ~1.9km from Drug Runner 3 ~230m from Turf Drug Dealer ~250m from Flag ~~~ Offers below
  5. One of the few good songs on this thread
  6. [WTS] Rodo Industrial Shed *Can't spawn here while Rodo is red ofc* Map View ~3.5k from Meth lab ~3k from Rebel ~2.5k from Evidence Lockup ~2km from Black Market ~1.9k from Oil Barrel Processing ~1.8k from High Yield ~1.8k from DP14 ~1.3k from Heroin Field ~1.3km from Phosphorus Mine ~900m from Hydrogen Sulfate Mine ~600m from Rodo Flag Ground View Offers below.
  7. Retired and you’re still more active than both community managers combined. why’d u quit? smh my head
  8. I sometimes forget my year of birth. Gotta sometimes check my app once and again just to remind myself.
  9. very fun low stress job. didn't have to do shit except follow these two niggas. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.
  10. What prevents me from mass rdming the server and only comping the ppl that report me? lol wtf
  11. Nah they’re not allowed in kavala. They all smell like cheese.
  12. you hear that @Mitch (IFRIT)? more money to milk from us
  13. Scotch had nothing to do with it though. It’s all the new shit that’s been added.
  14. that wouldnt be fair for my gang smh.
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