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  1. Title: The Case for Vehicle Death Match in Arma 3 Asylum Role-Play Server Introduction Arma 3 Asylum role-play servers have long been a hub for immersive, intense, and exciting gameplay experiences. However, the introduction of Vehicle Death Match (VDM) has sparked debates and discussions within the community. Some argue that VDM detracts from the role-playing atmosphere, but this essay aims to shed light on why Vehicle Death Match isn't so bad for Arma 3 Asylum role-play servers. Variety and Entertainment One of the key aspects that make Arma 3 Asylum role-play servers attractive is the variety of gameplay they offer. While role-playing remains the primary focus, the inclusion of Vehicle Death Match adds an element of excitement and unpredictability. VDM introduces new ways to enjoy the server, catering to players who seek thrilling, high-octane action. It offers an alternative to the traditional role-playing experience and ensures that the server appeals to a broader player base. Increased Engagement Vehicle Death Match can lead to increased player engagement. In many cases, players may find themselves participating in spontaneous firefights and vehicular combat scenarios, enhancing their overall immersion in the game world. This heightened engagement can result in longer play sessions and a more dedicated player base, which benefits the server's community. Opportunities for Skill Development VDM provides players with opportunities to hone their skills in vehicular combat, tactics, and teamwork. Engaging in these intense battles can lead to improved gameplay abilities, such as driving, shooting, and communication. These skills can subsequently enhance the quality of role-play interactions as players become more capable and confident in their roles. Balanced Integration Critics argue that Vehicle Death Match can disrupt the role-playing aspect of the server. However, it is essential to highlight that most Asylum role-play servers implement VDM with certain restrictions and rules in place. These rules can be designed to maintain a balance between role-play and vehicular combat, ensuring that neither aspect dominates the server. This careful integration allows players to enjoy the best of both worlds. Social Interaction VDM can promote social interaction within the server's community. Collaborative efforts to engage in vehicular combat scenarios encourage players to communicate, strategize, and work together. These interactions can foster a sense of camaraderie and create lasting friendships among players, contributing to a positive and thriving community. Evolving Gameplay The inclusion of Vehicle Death Match keeps the server's gameplay dynamic and ever-evolving. Stagnation can be a significant issue in online gaming communities, leading to a decline in player interest. By incorporating VDM, server administrators can continuously introduce new challenges, objectives, and experiences, preventing stagnation and ensuring that the server remains relevant and appealing over time. Conclusion In conclusion, while Vehicle Death Match may initially appear to detract from the role-playing atmosphere of Arma 3 Asylum role-play servers, a closer examination reveals its potential benefits. VDM adds variety, engagement, skill development opportunities, and social interaction to the server, all while maintaining a balanced integration with role-playing elements. By embracing this feature and implementing it thoughtfully, server administrators can create a dynamic and thriving community that caters to a wide range of player preferences. Ultimately, Vehicle Death Match isn't so bad for Arma 3 Asylum role-play servers; it can enhance the overall gaming experience and contribute to the server's long-term success
  2. You'd make the best pity support, just like Mayhem.
  3. I'd rdm the fuck out of all of you
  4. After some thought about the structure of the gang, we have decided to recruit 14 more antho's including the OG Retired Staff, Paramedic, APD Corporal antho into the gang. The roster is now as follows: Roster Updated 10/2/2023 R1 Farmer Steve R2 Send em to Space Bag Of Funyuns Ghidorah Pan fried Sad Face antho R3 Elite MAKI Rocka Eltron Xanax Motown Yusheng TI Lorax Invincible Red Baret Jimmy Turnup Taylor Goldberg Fingerblaster9000 R4 Torch Nikkii Spolopy Platinum Motown Nate ishigh! Tusken Raider Tyrone Darnell Lewis The Hobo Cpt. Dixie Normous Lt. Jimbo Swaggins ASoundCloudRapper Liberal tears R5 Epstein was innocent Mr Smirnoff Antho Antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho antho Dave.
  5. Congrats @Witz, and welcome back to the side of fun @Ronald
  6. The only questions to be asked is why now? Why all of sudden, and who are the little bitch(es) that complained so hard that they finally decided to change it?
  7. Farmersville loves hide n seek
  8. Please send offers via the discord post, unless you want to buy it outright. It currently listed in-game for 7mil. https://discord.com/channels/132299082772250624/1146288848935075923
  9. I'm not totally sure either but I did see this in the !stats page I'm not sure if they're tracking Civ kills though
  10. I suggest a wider range of leaderboards shown on the my-asylum page, as well as more unique achievement titles in-game that can display before or after your name. I don't play DOM so my apologies if these only appeal to people who play the main server. Leaderboards that should be included on my-asylum: Honor Leaderboard Kills Leaderboard (regular) Deaths Leaderboard Tickets $ amount paid (CIV) Bail Paid $ Banks Drilled Money Picked Up Amount APB Evades Bounty Hunters: I believe the two titles from V1 Asylum Bounty hunting "Bounty Hunter" and "Watchdog" are outdated and dull. I'm not sure they should stay or not but it's whatever. However, I suggest that the V2 and V1 arrest stats be combined, and displayed like that on the my-asylum arrests leaderboard. Have over 1,000,000 Unused Honor Title: The Honorable Farmer Steve Arrested over 500 criminals worth over $25,000 as a bounty hunter Title: The Skip Tracer Farmer Steve Cop Kills: Obtained over 2500 Cop Kills Title: Farmer Steve The Outlaw Obtained over 5000 Cop Kills Title: Farmer Steve The Anarchist Misc: Obtained over 500 kills from Sui Vests, Speed bombs, or other explosives Title: Farmer Steve The Terrorist I have no interest in having these implemented if nobody thinks they're good, but I've been dying to see more achievement titles and would like to hear other people opinions of what should be added, feel free to comment below with more ideas.
  11. I ran a script in editor to have those sheds marked on map and can confirm there are 40 of them, however I don't think all were fixed. Doesn't matter tbh, I was just curious.
  12. There are 40 of these, any reason why 4 of them were excluded?
  13. Title: Examining Age Considerations in Virtual Gang Inclusion Introduction The rise of virtual communities and online interactions has brought forth novel avenues for socialization and collaboration, including the emergence of virtual gangs. These digital collectives share similarities with traditional gangs, but they exist in an online space where members communicate, collaborate, and form alliances virtually. The question of whether a 16-year-old should be accepted into a virtual gang requires careful consideration, as it involves a complex interplay of psychological, social, and ethical factors. Psychological and Cognitive Development One primary reason to carefully evaluate admitting a 16-year-old into a virtual gang revolves around their psychological and cognitive development. Adolescents undergo rapid cognitive changes, but their decision-making processes might not be as mature as those of adults. The prefrontal cortex, responsible for rational decision-making and impulse control, is still developing during adolescence. Engaging in potentially risky virtual gang activities could have detrimental effects on their decision-making capabilities, potentially influencing them to make choices that they may later regret. Online Predators and Vulnerability Another concern pertains to the vulnerability of adolescents to online predators and manipulative influences. Adolescents may lack the life experience and discernment needed to identify and handle situations involving cyberbullying, grooming, or manipulation by older members of the virtual gang. Accepting a 16-year-old into such an environment could expose them to undue risks, undermining their personal safety and emotional well-being. Social and Emotional Maturity Virtual gangs, like their real-world counterparts, often involve complex interpersonal dynamics and power struggles. These groups might engage in discussions, debates, and decision-making processes that require a certain level of social and emotional maturity to navigate. At 16, individuals are still developing their interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and conflict-resolution abilities. Being part of a virtual gang could place undue stress on the adolescent, potentially hindering their healthy emotional development. Legal and Ethical Considerations The legal and ethical dimensions of admitting a minor into a virtual gang should not be overlooked. Different jurisdictions have various regulations regarding online activities involving minors. In many places, involving minors in certain online interactions could lead to legal complications for the adult members of the group. Moreover, it raises ethical concerns about whether it is appropriate to expose an underage individual to potentially harmful content or behavior, even in a virtual context. Alternative Pathways for Participation Rather than outright denial, providing alternative pathways for the 16-year-old's participation could be a more responsible approach. Creating a separate online space designed for individuals of their age group could enable them to experience virtual camaraderie without the potential risks associated with adult interactions. This approach ensures that their participation aligns with their developmental stage and safeguards their well-being. Conclusion The decision of whether to accept a 16-year-old into a virtual gang necessitates a comprehensive evaluation of psychological, social, legal, and ethical considerations. While it is crucial to acknowledge the potential benefits of virtual communities for adolescents, their unique developmental needs and vulnerabilities must be prioritized. Striking a balance between fostering a sense of belonging and safeguarding their well-being requires creativity and adaptability in designing virtual spaces that are age-appropriate and conducive to healthy growth. With that being said, your application is denied. denied
  14. You forgot to mention the real reason you guys are quitting.
  15. [WTS] Heroin Field Shed Map View: === ~400m from Heroin Field ~600m from Jewelry Emporium 1.5km from Center of Rodopoli ~1.5km from The Black Market ~1.7km from High Yield Quarry ~3km from Meth Lab ~3km from Sofia Rebel === This is a great shed for many purposes: Crafting guns, running meth, mining diamonds, or even misc rebel shit. This shed is about 3km from sofia rebel giving easy access to gear, and many other fields and locations. Offers below or on the discord post.
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