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  1. [WTS] The Prison House Ground View Map View Inside View =-=-=-= ~80m from Car Garage ~350m from prison ~400m from HQ =-=-=-=-= Offers and bids below
  2. [WTS] Lakka Shed Ground View Map View =-=-=-= ~350m from Lakka Checkpoint ~500m from Gang Fortress ~600m from Mineral Processing ~750m from Coke field ~1.3k from Quarry ~1.5k from Airshop ~1.5k from Boat Shop ~2.5k from Purification Factory ~2.5km from Chop shop ~3.8k from Henbane Fields ~9.5k from Kavala =-=-=-= Offers below
  3. clint and jesse still own this shit, can't tell me im wrong onfg
  4. i swear this nigga still owns the server, and never even gave it to mitch
  5. good bye mitchell, cya at the family reunion
  6. @Bag Of Funyunsthis nigga got u beat
  7. Absolutely right, I’m trying to get 10mil for it. To avoid being unfair, I’ll let the bidding continue as if someone already bidded 10mil, and will close this tomorrow. If you want it, keep bidding, but at 10mil. 100k increments is fine.
  8. GIve R3 the ability to kick R5's, as it only makes sense since they already have the ability to invite.
  9. [WTS] Shed near Chop Shop Ground VIew Map View ~Local Attractions~ ~40m from the water ~800m from Chop Shop ~1.2km from Federal Reserve ~1.7km from Pyrgos Skip ~2km from Air Shop ~2km from Air HQ ~2.5km from Rodo ~3.8km from Gang Fortress ~12.6km from Kavala === Would make for a fantastic gang shed, bounty hunting shed, and much much more. Offers below in the comments, or in the Asylum Discord post ONLY, please don't PM me.
  10. what happened to all the good players
  11. DH is still poor with or without it. SMH my head.
  12. Farmer Steve

    Wipe Poll

    Nah keep main server. Hide money and get rid of all money leaderboards.
  13. We should get rid of the money leaderboard on my-asylum so ppl don't hoard money just to stay on top.
  14. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of players just grinding the first day to get their houses and going back to sitting on them doing nothing. Or only getting on once a month.
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