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    of course your fat ass brings up food
  2. Top 15 for most money spent paying off bounties at courthouse? and/or on bail?
  3. i stole your sheds, not ur bitch, nigga chill
  4. I liked making scripts to give myself an advantage over other players via battlemetrics data and even my-asylum money data at one point, which is literally data accessible by anybody. I liked making the scripts more than I did playing the server tbh, monopoly was fun while it lasted and I'd still win if I had or have any interest going forward. my bad for buying your two sheds, tbh buying sheds became super fun when people thought I had admins in my pocket and malded every time I made a realestate post. Fun times haha.
  5. A wipe, after all of this "content"???????? Only to add more "content", we haven't even found out what it's going to look like but everyone's already sold on the idea. Do you have any faith in the dev team after witnessing their efforts this past year? I don't think we're in good hands buddy, not to mention this is set to appear two weeks after being announced and only a week after their latest "come to our server, i'll pay you" - they're desperate and fucking retarded, this server is gone. Try and understand that this is the same team that killed the server to this point in the first place, but this time without your stats, without your money, without any of your progress in the years you've played. Consider this a fresh start in the hands of the same team that killed this established server off in the first place. Asylum has been on life support for the past 4 or so years but it takes a special team of retards to really take it down this far, hahahaha. I still absolutely fw the wipe, and I hope they don't save a backup cus either way it's going to die with whose in charge. Keeping the wipe in place prevents any old established players from returning, one's with just money and their old stats. They have to start new and there's no appeal there, they're qutting for good. So the only appeal for asylum after this wipe is for players who want to try Asylum as a beginner, literally a fresh new arma 3 server after 10 or so years of the game being established. The end, it's gone. The same team that gave up after the virgin developer who thinks he's fucking socrates ruined this community with his shit content, this isn't asylum anymore. circa 2022 fitz before dev about wiping the server... great idea in theory, too bad his content is all dog shit and he's not a genius philosopher after all. https://gyazo.com/38c1b1c00897f8ce5ce9ef75f919ab44 SA hires Dev that is mid-tier sqf coder, promises good content -> community is now drowning in the influx of new weapons, the server literally dies off after a few weeks because the server isn't even asylum anymore, so what does the dream team do? Doubles down on the shit content -> server dies more -> fuck it, why not add more? -> server literally dies -> fuck it, why not promise more content -> community is in shambles -> wipe? We give up -> what next???? ur trolling right? I guess we really found out what happens when Asylum tries to copy olympus. You let the new dev and some interim captain handle the direction of the community? Crazy stuff. Maybe I'm clinging to a dead servers' stats but the fact is that the server is only completely dead because of these guys, good stuff. Here's a quote for the virgin philosopher @Fitz "Isn't it ironic? Our modest spark, which could have quietly persisted, is now forced by the hands of misfortune to burn fiercely and briefly before fading away. Well done, you fuckng virgins, in your grand play of faggotry."
  6. n1ggas gettin active in this thread, holy shitttttttttttt
  7. His statement is only out of touch because we're idiots if we expect any good content from the current devs.
  8. How you guys handled these last few months is a very good indication of how you will handle this new wipe. Even if Asylum retains these players, unless this change is cooking out three new competent developers with actual good ideas then this wipe is nothing short of dog shit. You're all so unpredictable that it's best for players to just make the switch to Oly if they still have an interest in Arma, that's all you're incentivizing at this point. This wipe isn't "new content", this is y'all giving up. This announcement is a reflection of how bad things were under the development path of @Fitzand poor leadership of @HunterBand whichever other irrelevant fuck put this together behind the scenes. You couldn't appease the community when it had 20 players, what makes you think you'll appease it with whatever fairy tale numbers y'all are dreaming up?
  9. Here's a good starting point to find out what went wrong @Ghost
  10. Does the change include a purge of the current ppl in leadership positions?
  11. i think we're actually fucked guys
  12. Bring back OG Scotch but with a nerf that would stand to benefit both the bulls and the bears. A lot of pushback on OG scotch was that it was a super profitable yet super passive money maker that required little to no effort. My suggestion is that it goes back to how it was yet the aging process works differently: Instead of people having to get on for only a second per restart to have their scotch aged to the next age, make it so they have to stay on for a good bit of time each restart to have their scotch aged to the next tier, for example 30 minutes to an hour. This would benefit the server as well as the scotch community in a healthy way, contributing to an increase in playtime and player count from the players who want to age their scotch. How OG Scotch aged before the big change: Before restart: [100] new make scotch - 1st restart: [20] scotch [80] new make scotch - 2nd restart: [20] 15 year scotch [20] scotch [60] new make scotch - 3rd restart: [20] 25 year scotch [20] 15 year scotch [20] scotch [40] new make scotch - 4th restart: [40] 25 year scotch [20] 15 year scotch [20] scotch [20] new make scotch - 5th restart: [60] 25 year scotch [20] 15 year scotch [20] scotch - 6th restart: [80] 25 year scotch [20] 15 year scotch - 7th restart: [100] 25 year scotch Assuming this aging process comes back with the change of having to spend at least 30 minutes per restart for your scotch to age, this change would incentivize players to play more in-game to have their scotch aged but also significantly reduce the amount of income made from scotch compared to how it was, essentially trading play time for income. Running the numbers, assuming 30 minutes per restart for their scotch to age, it would take a player a little over 3 hours divided into 7 restarts of playtime for 100 of their scotch to be aged, incentivizing players WHO PLAY THE GAME. This would be a great source of income for players who fight cartels, essentially paying for their loadouts over time and allowing them to continue fighting-> More fights -> More players -> A better Asylum. Bring back OG Scotch. This suggestion is in good faith, I don't give a fuck about scotch or grinding. But all my ni love scotch and this has potential to increase player satisfaction.
  13. Lets get a ratio on how much time spent farmersville hides in their houses these days vs the amount of time you stay in your house irl, touch some grass faggot.
  14. I think Asylum should minimize the amount of updates that would inconvenience any current or new players for quite some time so as to not kill off the remainder of its player base but that's just my two cents.
  15. I would love to see this again, I miss those days
  16. Nigga, you still have time to delete the post
  17. No way he just montaged @Bag Of Funyuns downing him. lmao
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