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  1. Servidor: 01 Casa, Garagem, Galpão Industrial: Casa Tamanho da casa (40k / 70k / 150k / 220k): 150k Localização (Cidade / DP #): Kavala Preço pedido: 800k Descrição: SOLD Imagens / Vídeo passo a passo:
  2. In the name of the game: Teamspeak Name: Extremopk Time zone: GMT (BRT) It was: Brazilian Squad Weapon 3 hours (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/2800674aeff0c0e9dda88f8e3600d8a8 What can members guarantee for you ?: I'm a person who likes to fight Why should we accept it in exposed games ?: I'm competitive, that's good for a gang. What server you are most active on ?: 1,3,2,4 Previous gangs, were you? Brasilian sQUARD Most active time for you (days of the week, nights, weekends, etc.): The whole day depends on how long I have to play.
  3. Hello I finished picking up 8 million in my prestige, released the archiviment is I go in the shop buy my wolf pack hatchback he is not released whats happening can someone help me? I already did softlog, already restart the computer already did everything.
  4. What time will server 02 go online? For him online 24 hours these past few days. Thanks
  5. Is it possible to leave the server online this week 24 hours without it disconnecting?
  6. Try to talk to the administrators to leave the server online 24 hours a day to help people sell their houses and transfer their things.
  7. By the way you administrators do not leave these last days of Server 02's life open 24 hours for everyone who has their things there to be able to sell is of the time, because it has 4 days that the server is offline and does not go online because it does not hit the goal of player online on the servers 01.03.04 Help us civilians from server 2 as we need to sell our homes is our farming.
  8. For whatever you do not leave the server online direct, Since it will close at the end of the month, direct leaves these last 15 days online 24 hours for those who have their things from the time to sell etc.
  9. ExtremoPK


    Buy Alot Barley S2 140 Unity.
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