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  1. 他们将因他们的行为受到惩罚
  2. so boring that u are glued 24/7 to arma
  3. i might even survive a money wipe,but remove weed houses asap!
  4. gypsy

  5. From athira to pyrgos skip 10 minutes by driving? damn u must be a 3rd worlder that doesnt know how to drive like me
  6. @abdul karim azeem s boyfriend is not willing to sell this,please refrain from contacting us again. Thank u
  7. rent free in ur head old man @Junkerthis guy is even worse then u
  8. Wait 3rd worlders who cant speak english can run for gov now?
  9. @manhua and China Chosen i agree with u,the end is near for this blatant software using career cop
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