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  1. 76561198220022119 I need them coveralls
  2. Format Name: Chewie Age: 16 Time Zone: CT Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot): https://paste.pics/4221b87bfa64b37b199214f7b49b804b Bank Account Balance (Screenshot): https://paste.pics/0a4f54c4d70cdc247a01c5190b0216c2 Who In TSF will vouch for you?: Gackel Why should we accept you into our gang?: Love fighting cartels, also seen yall around alot and want to contribute Previous Gang Affiliations: Forsaken, Texas Armed Forces, Viet Cong, Red Dragons
  3. Whelp, another captain to kill
  4. Thats called classic Arma 3 my friend
  5. Not too much, not all of them are trash
  6. How about that CS-GO BattleRoyale tho?
  7. Chewie


    I want a refund
  8. Ahh, lmao thats funny ash
  9. So what is the difference between a white listed medic than a regular one
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