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  1. +1. This guy is a top tier Paramedic. -1. This guy isn't fully formed.
  2. dude this Big Gay Jay guy definitely fucks cocks
  3. Slade are you alive bro

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    2.  王 Ari Petrou 王

      王 Ari Petrou 王

      Bro Infamous again bro Im like lmao so fucking funny like I cant stop laughing 

    3. Infamous [FULL SEND]

      Infamous [FULL SEND]

      you dont need to tell me I know

    4. Tyler


      Lol i heard he broke his pc and doesn't wanna buy a new one rn with the quarantine shit going on.

  4. How many reais did this man pay you all?? luv u bby xoxo
  5. Would it be more preferable if the lottery message was moved to the center of the screen?
  6. Smelly cowboys fan...... I can't wait for you guys to break the bank paying Dakteria 40m a year, just to finally figure out he is an "average" QB. Or when you guys pay Amari "stone hands" Cooper like he is Julio Jones.
  7. Not everyone can be an arma god such as yourself. But I'd rather suck in a game then suck the grease out of 20 Big Mac's in a day.
  8. 99.367% cop kills but whatever
  9. So Ben made that intro? They really do need to add that down vote feature.
  10. That money was clearly illegitimate. Removing from account as we speak.
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