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  1. Add some sort of cartel/conquest event with asylums own twist. if it was thought of it needs to be spectated by admins
  2. "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" Hell yeah rakeee!
  3. insane player right here !
  4. if mitch says no its a no, lets move on
  5. did you not watch shepurds video? no one wanted to play with that bs lol shit was aids, you cant shoot anyone out, it was broken
  6. did u not play when they had doors ? lmao ifrits were not a thing
  7. I mean A rough idea could be Come up with a different kind of “capture the zone” We’re gangs fight over different zones for different rewards
  8. Make an event idea page on the fourms Or something see if people can come up wit some good ideas, just tryna help
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