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    nigga lined it up for 10 seconds just to miss the second shot
  2. the retards play on vpns to bypass network restrictions then wonder why they are lagging playing on 300 ping...
  3. you've posted a 10 minute video of you getting clowned by retards? Am I missing something
  4. Make sure to keep that backdoor closed bud!
  5. But that abuse is still occuring? people just use cop not bh, so this point doesn't really make sense
  6. youre still not getting cpl retard
  7. So your suggestion to fix smoke exploiting is to remove the fix that was added for smoke exploiting?
  8. They definitely had been banning for this before, I guess now w jays statement it will be abused till a rule change is made
  9. Was it a new admin? I've never seen an admin have an issue with it unless its in combat, but honestly the admins all have different versions of the rules so its impossible to know what will and wont get you banned
  10. Or they can play as civ? Just seems like an excuse for free loadouts
  11. You try to use the asylum forums to advertise your business, clearly not going well for you
  12. You try to make people pay you for shit like this??????????
  13. @admins can you wipe this guy? crossfade got wiped of like 20m for chopping his own orcas for infamy
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