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  1. is it this man @Ratatouille? I would dog on him but hes already in plague.
  2. link fail moment
  3. If only this was like olympus forums so I could downvote it.
  4. Coke: "Bro I didnt see a dime of void bank"
  5. server is already buried no one wants to do anything about it let everyone migrate to other servers
  6. Point of view: Plague celebrates their very first domination win on a 40 population domination server. They take up 1/4 of the server and barely take the victory! Look at those stunning KD'S! Not a single soul in the gang that went positive. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS!
  7. this guy is good at the game ig
  8. omg thats me that guy got actually shit on by my massive pdw
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