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  1. ill give 400k for shed
  2. house still available? ill give 300k for the house
  3. I spoke with someone from the AFD who said with the recent patch something was causing serious lagging issues so they pulled a bunch of stuff including medic. So until they reimplement it and test it then we are without the AFD currently.
  4. MEGA OOFTA. How can the AFD operate if you have to be "whitelisted" to play as medic but they won't look at applications to make people "whitelisted"
  5. Where is the AFD at? Who is in charge of the AFD? I applied a several days ago and haven't heard or seen anything with it happen. I've been monitoring the TS channels for the AFD and haven't seen anyone in there either. I just want to play as a medic and help the poor dead people.
  6. http://plays.tv/video/5b8d8583451cd23498/random-death-
  7. It was great when oil was actually worth something.
  8. -1 Lupe is fun and all but activity has fallen to almost none. I have chosen to leave the gang and venture off with some very good friends. Thanks for the fun times. No hard Feelings
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