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  1. IceVenom

    Division 2

    Yeah im dumb I didnt realize I deleted my ubisoft store. Thanks though man.
  2. IceVenom

    Division 2

    nvm I already found it I just accidentally deleted ubisoft store lmao
  3. IceVenom

    Division 2

    Kid ur nobody.... I asked a question and already got help
  4. IceVenom

    Division 2

    Is the division 2 on pc or only consoles???
  5. Looks dope af nice plays dog
  6. Ign: IceVenom, BOBO BLACKIE, RAMEN RICK (last 2 from my last gang) Steam name(link): IceVenom https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198178092038 Age:17 Hours: 743 in under a year... How active will you be: Depends on how many people are playing. Previous Gangs: Syndicate, The Black Bastards, Titans, Viet Cong. Any members that can vouch: Prolly not Any particular reason you want to become an honorary asshole? Want to become a gang member in a non bot squad. Tell me a joke: Whats the difference between a white fairy tale and a black fairy tale? White: "Once upon a time" Black: "Y'all motherfuckers wont believe dis shit!"
  7. Just left this gang. Wouldnt recommend joining... Cool guys especially bigbelly but they are constantly getting banned.
  8. You make valid points to be honest. I completely agree...
  9. Glad to see the server changing for the better. You guys are going to be able to do great things the other owners were never capable of.
  10. This just in, asylum might not die after all!
  11. Thank you for your service
  12. The guy you were processing made the clip literally 100 times better
  13. Ingame Name: IceVenom Age: 17 NA/EU: NA Previous gangs: Notorious, Kavala Revolution, and Nova. Hours (Please provide screenshot): https://gyazo.com/c4a4166037cd93ab604cabf2b00123a9 but I also have over 100 hours in the past 2 weeks. Why are you interested in joining Airborn: I am interested in the concept of Airborn and think the gang fits me perfectly plus Deephouse was about to invite them I got off. What can you bring to Airborn: Good PvP skills I guess kind of a weird question. I dont like to brag about any of my "talents" if you can call them that.
  14. Been assassinated by a few tables in my time playing. Cant forget tripping and dying at spirit distillery, DONT FORGET TO TIE YOUR SHOES.
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