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  1. Roughly 500m from processing Looking for offers, comment below. The House(White) has around 450 adult plants in it - The House (Large, White) has a few kits in it as well as an rpg with no ammo.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/YFZOuSi @Mr. Slick This is all I could come up with in about 20 minutes after work, but hopefully you get the idea. Maybe add a few creative liberates when it comes to other drugs that I did not touch on.
  3. Name in-game : Ross Timezone : PST Hours(screenshot) : https://imgur.com/2ujxuYJ Previous Gangs : Divinity Why should we accept you? : Im just a guy looking for a group of gamers on arma 3. I feel that I am decent at combat in Arma 3 and have a decent understanding of Asylum knowledge. I have also played this game since launch in 2013 and played asylum for many years. Overall I'm looking for a group that enjoys hanging out and doing some fun gang shit and I feel that could be this gang. 21 y/o Who can vouch : Probably no one
  4. I think there should be some rebalancing when it comes to some of the drugs/substances. Fungi/Golden Wax/White Lightning are all good ways to make money but they offer some difference in price/time consumed. But for example, scotch used to be a really good way to make money, but now it sells similar to white lightning, so why not just make moonshine? I feel like the new additions are cool, especially the way they are spreading the players across the map. But, I do think some of the older features need to be buffed, similar to meth, where it can now be crystal/heisenberg meth. Also why is rye whiskey even in the game? I'd be curious if anyone has ever made it.
  5. I have a 3c a 2c and a garage 300m from weed pro and some cash for trade
  6. Anyone have sheds for sale or know anyone that owns them? Not any of the sheds in kavala but any south of the peninsula or Neri are good. Also around Panchori/Oyster processing https://imgur.com/JkB3lAh https://imgur.com/sTgs4zk DM/Reply pls if you have info
  7. who tf owns this shed such confusion
  8. Looking to buy this shed, pm me if you own it and we can work something out.
  9. @zdeat pm me if your willing to negotiate
  10. Let me know if you own this shed to see if we can work something out
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