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  1. will do. a thriving man if that's the answer to your question(s).
  2. would love to have a hot dog eating contest with you sometime but not today ¿
  3. 5800 hours in Arma so I know my way around the block (probably mostly launcher hours anyway). If there are any computer science majors follow me on twitter @QBorders . If that's not your major you probably suck but you can still add me
  4. i'm afraid Defiance is in the grave
  5. In-game name: Options Age: 17 Time spent on Asylum: https://gyazo.com/db11d5ef7b1000f4bea5065b8eb96204 approx 1900 on asylum Previous admin action: exploit, but got unbanned immediately because it wasn't me Why do you want to join us: looking for some seasoned players that'll be active most of the time, plus I know phantomghost from my old gang About you : I live in texas (central time zone), 4 star wide receiver . I've been in defiance and a couple of gangs that I don't remember. I just want to be apart of a gang that are semi active and won't rage in ts
  6. Application Format In-game name: Options Timezone: Central Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/377bb5e06bbb42f73385411b1d225025 Previous gang affiliations: Defiance Why we should accept you: I'm a seasoned player. Been playing for a long time & looking for a gang that won't go inactive... Member who can vouch for you : Special K
  7. Accepted - I will PM TS Info
  8. - Accepted for trial I will PM you the TS
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