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  1. Are you a constable in the APD and are tired of running out of mags trying to disable a HEMMT or a 86 wheeled vehicles or trying to disable helicopters engines but still want mags to fend off from active and dangerous shooters? Then vote for invisible backpacks today for the roleplay! No, but deadass I believe we should add them for both factions because lets me honest 12 mags without medical can get kinda aids here and there if your not a corporal + or undercover, I believe we should at least get like one of the smaller backpacks invisible and that should be good.
  2. I carried everyone at that bank with 3 mags btw
  3. In-game name - Nikoteen Age - 16 Bank - 1.2 mil Arma 3 Hours (Include screenshot) - 4000 Estimated hours on asylum? Ifrits / Orcas in garage - 1 Ifrit, 2 Orcas Previous gangs - Hardline, Deviant, OG Stellar and a few S5 Gangs Any vouches within the gang, Please list whom - Possibly a few people? What can you bring to the gang - I can bring good piloting skills, decent Ifrit Driving and I can shoot people
  4. In-game name: Nikoteen Timezone: Central Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/3bae8fbc4dcf5909022535f67db485b6 Previous gang affiliations: Hardline, Deviant, Stellar. Why we should accept you: The reason why you should accept me is that I coming back to Asylum after taking a short break for about 2 months and want to join a gang where they fight a shit ton then other gang and such. I know almost everyone on the gang roster and want to be in a gang with them again to fight and just have good times and shit. Member who can vouch for you : Thor, Callum, AndrewFam and a few others.
  5. Nikoteen


    Listen @Marzoh, I'll go on Teamviwer and TS with you and help you out.
  6. Nikoteen


    @AndrewFam flame this kid.
  7. Good shit @Crunchedd, keep it up.
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