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  1. is there a storymode in arma3? if so i might have to complete some of it like a prologue? like gta we had to do a prologue
  2. Wow! this is awesome so exited to try out these methods on how to make money and get started playing!! i still have yet to figure out on actually playing still, it keeps saying im too new..
  3. if there is any rules that i will need to follow can anyone send that to me so i can read up on what im not allowed to do thanks!
  4. Hello everyone My name is Jack but you can call me fallen i am new to the arma community and recently bought PC because i watched a lot of videos on different video games played on steam and other things like epic games i recently started binge watching a youtuber by the name of https://www.youtube.com/user/PsiSyndicate watching him play altis life on arma 3 and it looked extremely fun and i really wanted to try out the game. I looked up arma 3 altis life on google to find some servers to play on and i found asylum and i looked up some videos and it looked super fun and I REALLY wanted to play and it looks like u guys have tutorials and other things to help out new players! but when i tried joining the server it said my (steam account is to new) and im wondering how long id have to wait or is it my play time on the Video game im unsure or maybe do i have to be like white listed? if anyone could give me a hand that would be great many thanks -Fallen
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