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  1. Dr_Dingleberry

    V2 feedback

    Those intentions sound fair enough. I was just implying that a response that is constructed more like yours was in response to my post seems more fitting for such a situation. I do agree his lack of any suggestions to improve his time in the server doesn't help support his opinions, although he isn't in an influential position so his lack of thought in his post can be expected.
  2. Dr_Dingleberry

    V2 feedback

    When a dev starts responding to people's remarks (negative or not) like this, that's when you know the ship is already half sunk. I understand the effort to defend your/the team's work, however your response just seems immature for someone in such a position. No wonder people complain about how "toxic" Asylum's community is. I'm starting to regret some of my previous efforts to support you guys.
  3. hes just doing it for shits and giggles
  4. you know you can't place demo charges willy nilly, right
  5. @RonnyB While I agree with your final point that there is a definite lack of RP in the APD and a need for more active in-game staff working proactively rather than retroactively, I disagree with the majority of what else you have said including: the horrible server performance not factoring into a loss of players, the Asylum community being toxic/not welcoming enough for new players (show me one light RP Life server that is), a limit on gangs, and that "NOBODY cares about V2." In an effort to not repeat my previous post I'm only going to focus on your negativity towards v2... First of all to say that nobody cares for the new mission file, or is appreciative of the countless hours of work that @Jesse, @Azeh, and @Gen. Henry Arnold have put into it in order to revitalize Asylum, is extremely unwarranted, disrespectful, and quite absurd. Have you even been on the forums recently? The amount of disappointment regarding the previous missed release date (estimate) alone shows the vast support and excitement among the community for this to be released (check out these posts to see what I'm talking about). Next, your claim that "v2 will not change anything in terms of player experience," directly contradicts the purpose of the new mission file and shows your ignorance towards what has been/is being developed by their team. Perhaps you should go read up on what their initial reasoning was for starting this project here. Also shout out to the staff who have helped test v2 as it has progressed, and to the people testing now on Server 3. Perhaps you should go play on it to see the improvements, eh Ronny?
  6. The server not crashing constantly will undoubtedly help breathe life back into the community. However, the fact that Arma 3 is now approx. 6 years old means less and less new people will be looking for Altis Life servers. Along with that due to the past state of the servers all of those new people who tried to play are further discouraged to ever try and play on Asylum again, especially so if they don't follow the progression of v2 on the forums. I'm just re-stating what has already been expressed on here multiple times over. If you think the individuals who still play on the servers are at fault for any past/present/future failures of server/community revival I, and I'm sure many others, disagree with you completely. I'm glad you voiced your opinion though.
  7. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a must read.
  8. yeah i want my dildo stash transferred over too please
  9. Just sayin.. the amount of people that have probably stopped playing Asylum and to never join again (for now) due to the crashes is probably huge. Sooner v2 comes around the sooner those crashes are fixed (hopefully).
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