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  1. Lol this guy has LT potential
  2. He's really special tho.
  3. Which probably will be never
  4. @Jon SnowJoin the apd now! https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/8-apply-here/
  5. Yes I know lol I was just wondering if this was an good/ bad idea. I'm all for constant fighting but it's to the point where all other cops dont want constant fighting but I'm not saying that's the case. Like patrolling illegal areas, chasing someone that left an illegal area or having conversation in a town with civs, just mainly roleplay, etc. 5 cops vs. 15 rebels isn't really a fun fight but I personally dont mind it. Being on cop isn't the same when I joined last year and i dont play enough civ also. I'm about to hit 1200 hours and but mostly all on cop. I meant like you queue for
  6. Well on this server you have to follow the rules even if your on cop. The reason I brought up this subject was that civ's need something to do if they get bored. APD isn't meant for fights constantly the APD is meant for role-play with civs. I was in a gang called RPD (Role-Play Department) but it was disbanded.
  7. Your next montage use this song lol also I've only played on reborn 3 times that's before I was introduced to this server that I know of.
  8. The beginning clips not the ones with snow lol sorry
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