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  1. sup ron

    1. Calle.


      Dont give him the attention he wants

    2. Mitch (IFRIT)

      Mitch (IFRIT)

      He is upset because I denied his ban appeal. Obviously this was the right call to make.  

    3. Bag Of Funyuns
  2. Old and sick Old and sick, old and sick. My life is over, I feel the light next to me. The knowledge is killing me inside, the birds, the sun, the girls, even the tractor will be gone soon. Closing my eyes, telling my self " Jesus Christ! I won't be able to play arma", only dreaming it in the dark. The knowledge is killing me inside, but I must be strong, live my short time like a king, like a lion, like a warrior! and then... Old and sick, old and sick, it's time to leave. @Mitch (IFRIT) wrote*
  3. I want to be the gov too vote ron for GOV!!!! "im hot"
  4. Helmets- 3k [ combat helmet?] if it is I would like to buy 20
  5. I can give you 100 rubbers for the house. [ just don't die ]
  6. was a good gang [ when the house was on god mod ] you had like 10 people online every minute
  7. In-game name: Ron Timezone: Israel Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): [ have more ] Previous gang affiliations: Gold diggers, fighters of altis and another 4. [ don't remember the names ] Why we should accept you: I spend a lot of time to get guns [ mks] to kill cops and get cartels + have the best house to kill bounty hunters [ s1] Member who can vouch for you : maybe bunni
  8. when he shouted china number 1, after he blew up the orca. lol
  9. In game name: Ron Age: 15 [ almost 16] Location/Timezone: Israel Arma 3 hours(screenshot): Asylum hours: 1110 Previous gangs: I WAS NOT A GUY OF GANGS Do you have sufficient cartel experience?: Why do you want to join us?: i want to help you with everything you do [ kidnaping, money robbery....] What can you bring to the FSA?: Everything!!! Do you know any current members who can vouch for you: ALEEC
  10. ENVY are not so good anymore. They active as a solar eclipse .
  11. You just got carry by your friends. lol [ 1 kill]
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