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  1. So the wanted menu doesnt work. Shows 2 seperate entities for myself, one with a speeding, one with a hit and run. All my other charges are not shown.
  2. New medic skins look like shit, revert them.
  3. So traffic cams are Sgt + only due to the uav terminal requirement, should let us all use them
  4. should allow emts to have sport hatches and hummingbirds since you have orcas for paramedics now, drop some of their stuff to a-emt
  5. who? and if were gunna add someone back it should be copa
  6. #ryancanrunthisplacebetterthanbread
  7. Kick bherky invite master.
  8. FYI this did not solve it for me, I had to right click the battleye launcher in the arma folder and click through the top permission group and add it to have full control. Deleting BE and verifying did not work for me. Deleting the game and reinstalling didnt work. So I guess there are potentially multiple reasons the update broke things.
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