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  1. Do rust and rip off the isrusty.net servers. Our members would populate it enough to shove it up each wipe day.
  2. honestly, If you are dumb enough to request medic with cops camping outside the cops should be allowed to follow the medics in. It is not the cops raid, someone else is unlocking it. Wait for the cops to leave or dont request.
  3. How much do we have to donate to get you guys a few more pixels??? Also but of a stretch callin that a tracksuit on both you and BI. looks nothing like one. I guess we have to turn on the hardcore rp and just believe on this one.
  4. sirens need to be brought back as they were before. So much more fun. The RP side of the criminal database was there, shouldnt have been removed because a few people who do not play the game didnt see the use.
  5. I play civ on server 2. I dont have all my stuff on server 1 so no point in playing civ with the current set up. So its only cop, and there is the cap now. I also was playing on server 2 with 80+ people reguarly right up until they closed it down. and shit was fine. Seems like our fearless leaders here are burning the server to the ground as a social experiment or something?
  6. I mean but then you get rid of server 2 losing a ton of players to gain like 20 extra POP on server 1, and then limit the amount of cops online. It is like you want asylum to fail at this point with the bonehead decisions of late. Idgi.
  7. Yeah I know a chunk of people who just don't play now because server 2 is closed and the APD pop limits. Short sighted solutions being made lately.
  8. I think they should make the aids more prevalent tbh
  9. Is the cop uniform model really containing a 3d button and shirt? It always looked like it was just a skin on a flat surface with shading to get the effect to me.
  10. Make the top button of the uniform shirt unbuttoned.
  11. I really hope the cop pajamas don't hit. They looked like shit.
  12. I agree, keep the ranges just shove it SE of Pyrgos instead of north. More map travel.
  13. Honestly i would play the fuck out of an asylum rust server if it was like the rusty uber servers with 2 wipes a week. But i have a feeling those wipe times are likely a problem with others, exactly what Jesse is saying. If it was sorted out and had good donation tiers you might make enough money to help offset or pay for the arma servers. I know successful rust servers make some bank. Other problem is rust communities are often very sketched out by playing admins. So would have to be careful in that regard as well.
  14. That would fuck over west coast dudes too. 10PM PST is way fucking early. All this chatter of a few people wanting s2 shutdown needs to stop. It wont fix anything, and it will drive people away. Its the final bastion before 1 server...I find fights and plenty to do, dont know what these guys problem finding fights is? Too risk adverse?
  15. Leave server 2 up always or you lose a big chunk of players. if ur permed fuck you.
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