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  1. So when I play rebel we lose maybe 10% of our banks vs a ton of cops with a ton of armor pulled. So a hunter slamming does not make a very very good chance of the APD winning it. In fact it just gives more stuff for us to chop or blow up. The cops pushing us with ifrits is a boon on the rebel side. More and better armor to steal and use against them. Again, litterally never had the APD push at a cartel. Granted im not on a cartel near as much as some gangs. When on the APD I have been on an APB track at a cartel like twice. And it was in Orcas. It is such a niche thing.
  2. Wow this is a cringe post bread.
  3. Mitch add my whole crew to the first wave list TIA.
  4. I am completely ok with them being the same price as civs so its a tactical decision to pull them. I also want them claimable because unclaimable stuff on the server is just a lame idea. With the changes to armor I do not believe its going to be an issue. LTs will still want their fast armor, so will pull when needed. everyone else that can pull armor can make their own decisions. And theres swat armor too.
  5. I will say I've seen this too. I've been fighting cops and an lt yolos into the middle of a bad spot in his armor. Jumps out and yoinks an ifrit mid fight. It's super common. Make em same price as civ and claimable. Problem solved.
  6. yeah I pray the other side has someone half as talented as this so we can hear the back and forth tracks.
  7. I mean give it a week. After the shell shock of losing 30k repeatedly they will calm down. Won't be an issue.
  8. Yeah but you 2 life federal events, so you do not count.
  9. Or pay attention to what ur ramming, its easy enough to tell if the vehicle is occupied...If it is not then the dudes likely behind it. If they drop and ur too close to stop i dont see a problem with ramming them, not ur bad.
  10. Nope, keep the update as is. People complain about cop not pulling armor. now we have a rank that almost always has someone on who can pull. This is a good idea and should just stay regardless of the few people who will whine.
  11. Maybe not a weed farm nowadays, but I would counter with its much more likely this would be used to bust up an illicit drug operation. Those things is dangerous. But this isnt real world. They are slow AF and weak, I wouldnt want to put it on the APD to take em anywhere but events.
  12. One sides poll. No change is needed. Should have that as an option.
  13. There is something else going on here, I have done all of the above a ton with my NVG on and never lost them, but also some of my group have. So it does not affect everyone
  14. I mean, at the end of the day I fight cops all the time. And I'm not worried about this. It's easy to counter and will change the fights up some. Fun on both sides.
  15. I mean it is pretty rare for cops to win a bank. The only time they beat us is when we are sticking around trolling each other too much. The problem has always been around. Someone is just finally looking into it. Last night server was full with 5 cops on. There is clearly a morale problem. Half the time when we trigger an event most of the cops log off. We have had probably 20+ federal events over the last month that no cops showed up to at all with 15 of them online. Give them the tool. Quit being stuck in the past. Those few fights may change, a
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