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  1. Another idea would be just make the sell prices for the vehicles equal to the buy price or a little less considering that they are brand new and "going to market" where others would buy it.
  2. The vehicle production factory is pretty much useless the time and effort it takes to try and save a few thousand isn't worth the effort. If someone is trying to use it to sell the vehicles it isn't worth the effort either as selling each item individually nets more then the sell price for using all those items with exception of the truck boxer which nets about $150 over the value of selling the items individually. The effort and organization to make the truck boxer isn't remotely worth the cost. So I propose that the monetary cost to make the vehicles be reduced and/or the material cost
  3. The Vulture-picked up $450,000 off the ground https://gyazo.com/11cab195fb0416aa416aaa1201a0d2d8
  4. The rebels should still be allowed to be inside the Fed and set up and fight during this time
  5. the event is meant to be challenging, not a roblox tycoon. The purpose of the Federal reserve is to be an end game event where groups of rebels fight the APD for that delicious mullah. Not about grabbing some gold bars and hoping the cops are too busy to arrive immediately. The event should have a evidence lockup style disable systems before domes could be broken into. something around 4-5 minutes should allow for the federal reserve to become what it is supposed to be.
  6. Yes, I've had full and pleasant conversations at those events where we say hi and how your doing XD
  7. With the addition of the Speed camera's I thought one way of making them useful would be to have them be viewable as a uav feed on the side of the screen. Not sure of the technical difficulties but sounds like a useful idea.
  8. I bid "outrageously high number I obviously don't have" HA HA BEAT THAT
  9. if they exist they have plenty of friends and is likely at the evidence lockup. Its existence means lethal city. no seizing required.
  10. Sentinel


    You were my constable when I was a cadet and my bro on cop. Will miss you man.
  11. what is special about the ship wrecks with the yellow circles? or are people just getting there faster then I can
  12. HUNTING GROUNDS YES that was the first thing I ever did to make mony
  13. Correction btw it wasnt a single day I said I got it reduced confusion sorry.
  14. New APD policy allowing arrest from any location when within 2 minutes restart Lethal Option removed from one minute to restart as a better option is now available.
  15. When i joined asylum in the first place it was this small. I have been here since summer of last year. I wish it would regrow back to 5 servers as that seemed like it was a very enjoyable time period. But hey I have a lot of fun now still so don't be afraid to try and get used to it.
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