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  1. Theres enough salt in here to make a major profit guys
  2. powerwolf

    Admin Events

    Generally speaking anything not involving cars since ya know, arma physics and all. But from what ive seen and heard, the events lately are being really well recieved such as the battle royal, the mortar one was a lot of fun from what i heard keep doing what you guys are doing
  3. Very good contribution to the discussion and a very well thought out reply Toxic asshole
  4. Over the past 4 days I think I've seen two, which to be fair is quite a bit to do with all the reports I'm sure these poor guys have to go through. Give it time and I'm sure more will come
  5. Sure this idea has been thrown around a lot and there are mods out for it here, im well aware this will likely never get added to the game but fuck it. The idea of arming medics is nothing new i remember 4 years ago people wanting to give them P07's which is grade A nope material. But especially with the ability for medics to get kidnapped, murdered, organ harvested ect a thing that a lot of medics can run into we should have access to like single shot tasers ya know the one that cops use? For like A-EMT plus or some shit, clear rules of engagement like ya know directly trying to murder/kidnap you not just telling you to not revive someone. Ive seen plenty of videos of mods out there in arma that do this taser stuff really well and its not like its a p07 where you can down a whole car of people just one and dun basically. Again just a idea and something i would think would be cool, but considering it would take adding a whole new wepon, mod, and policy to the server but id figure id toss it in the ring
  6. Toooooxxxxxxiiiiiicccc somebody slap a biohazard label on this man how DARE we suggest any sort of adjustment that isnt in his favor am i right?
  7. 3 is being generous these fuckers role around in 4-6 and LOL very true love civs that act is if they know what cop is like and havent even been a cadet
  8. The back to back to back fed, prison,bank,and evidence is destorying cop moral, and not allowing us to patrol normally i also made a post about this a few days ago ( And this is mainly done by one ever so wonderfully toxic gang> CEO Like seriously what in the actual fuck is wrong with all of you because we all know you guys are going to spam the no vote. How in the hell is that even fun for you? Regardless this has my vote.
  9. Seeing this re added honestly just makes me shake my head. Getting downed and kidnapped for medics and new players frankly put is not a new issue, but putting a very expensive pricetag on someone's body is frankly put comical. This is something that i dont remember at all from old asylum and im dumbfounded that it was added back in to begin with. lets start with medics: They cannot defend themselves and nearly every medic i have talked with has on multiple occasions been downed, kidnapped and had their organs harvested. Either make it so that medics cannot have their organs harvested or the better alternative remove that feature from the game. Now civilians: Mainly newer and low money players. Generally speaking its bad enough for them being new to the server and not having the money to toss into Armour and better/rebel guns. But it loops back into the same problem with the medics is that they now have a price tag on their head just for existing which is going to prompt more people to fuck with them which if i had to be honest really isnt something newer players needed right about now. TLDR: IMO organ harvested shouldnt be in the game
  10. Evidence lockup, Then bank, Then Fed, Then prison all within not even a half a hour
  11. In my short time back and getting back into cop one thing ive noticed is that federal events (Bank, prison, Federal Reserve and Evidence lockup) Have no time between them at all. In my time of fighting we will be chasing the hemmett out of evidence lockup and as soon as the fence is back online the bank is triggered. Ive seen so many federal events in one day of playing cop that i cant even keep track of them all. To say the least this is very tiring and a big drain on cop moral because frankly put its just doing the same thing over and over and over again and its not really enjoyable after the first few back to back events. They really should be a timer, even a short one like 15-30 minutes between doing these events to allow cops to patrol illegal areas and cities and generally interact with the civilian populace.
  12. I was there, it was an explosive experience
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